Saturday, 22 December 2018

The Day Started,

with the delivery of our succulents,

 we had decided to make up a couple of window boxes of them,

 we had already bought some soil, plus we had ordered some from the succulent farm, Surreal Succulents in Devon,

 all of the plants came with their own labels, we had ordered 6 each,

 these were my 6,

namely, from the top left to right,
Sempervivum ‘Kramer’s Spinrad’
Echeveria agavoides ‘Victor Reiter’
Sempervivum ssp. globiferum ‘Toska’
Pachyveria ‘Elaine Reinelt’
Echeveria ‘Chrissy n Ryan’
Sedeveria ‘Leitzia’

 I mixed the soil and planted them, in the same order, next a walk to the shop to buy some aquarium gravel to dress them with, I will leave that till tomorrow so that Diana can choose which one to use, I also painted the second coat of paint on the filled patches where pictures were hung in the living room, and where the entry telephone was and had been remounted, meanwhile Diana and the girls had gone to London for a shopping expedition,

 first stop,

 well it had to be Harrods,

 then a walk,

 along I am guessing Regent Street,

Diana and Phanee,

 leaving Harrods, 

 they made their way towards Soho,

 stopping for a few pictures,

and looking at the Christmas decorations,

along the way,

 it was next to the Apple Market, 

 in Covent Garden,

 looking at more of the Christmas displays,

inside there and taking a few photographs,

Kai, Diana and Phanee,

they ended up in a Japanese restaurant,

 the girls did not have an ice cream as I thought they would in Harrods,

 but they did have a Bingsu,

 in Shibuya, Soho,

 off to Regent Street again,

looking at the lights,

 Diana strikes the pose,

 I have to say I thought the street would be a lot more crowded,

 but there it is,

 meanwhile, Steve and myself had meet up and settled in the Beckenham Cricket Club,

 for a beer or three,

we waited until the girls text to say they were at Beckenham Junction and we then meet them, we said our goodbyes to Steve and Kai, then home feet up, a nightcap and we were off to bed.

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