Monday, 28 April 2014

Sorry That There Has Not Been Any Posts,

for the last few days,

but we are now on Koh Chang where the Internet is so slow it makes uploading pictures a trial, to make one post would take hours! so when we return to Pattaya there will be a day by day account of our time on the island, we hope you have a look back next week, all the best from Stan and Diana.

In The Morning,

I was the main attraction,

as Diana demonstrated to her family how she cut my hair, then as soon as that was finished we were out to see Nick and Maureen,

swimming costumes on and into the pool for Sandio,

and Dioshane, 

meanwhile Mum was in the kitchen looking at the turkey Maureen had cooked, Nick and Maureen had decided to make this a special day so it was Christmas in April, with turkey and all of the trimmings,

back to the pool, get older Sis to lay on the lounger,

and then try,

with much laughter,

to tip it over,


meanwhile we relaxed,

with a couple of cold beers and for me a soda,

all of that swimming was hard work, so a quick siesta,

Diana thought the flower suited my new haircut,

when we go fishing we see lots of these swallows or swifts, this the first time I have ever seen one stationary,

dinner is nearly ready,

the turkey cooked to perfection,

so on with Christmas hats,

and dinner is served,

it is the first time that Diana's family have tried turkey,

so hats on and tuck in,


from all of us, the meal as you might have guessed was excellent, turkey, stuffing, mash and roast potatoes, cauliflower, Brussels sprout and carrots, all with a medley of Christmas songs in the background,

then Nick's dessert, a trifle,

it looked and was delicious,

Nick had just bought a hand held electric whisker and put it to good use,

everybody enjoyed the desserts,

they were delicious,

we were all so tempted to ask for a second helping!

we all had a great April Christmas, we thanked Nick and Maureen for all of their efforts, they had both worked so hard to make the day a complete success and it was, we all enjoyed the day so much, then after saying our farewells home we went, then feet up to watch a few movies,

 starting with Scream 2, the second film in the series that made the 'ghost face' famous, a scary movie that everyone scream at!

calming down a bit we followed that with some family fun, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, a young man tracks down his long lost grandfather on a uncharted island, then the adventure begins!, by now it was late and as we had an early start in the morning we were off to bed.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

We Had A Late Start Today,

as we were off to Tesco,

a quick picture,

and where were we next?

still guessing?

here is a clue,

ice cream,

yes ice cream,

we were off to Swensens,

some one had two for the price of one,

only joking we all had just one each,


and a picture to prove it,

not that this any thing to do with this post, but when we saw this tree the yellow flowers looked just so nice we just had to stop and take a picture of them,

then the Saturday bar-b-q began,

strangely enough not too much smoke this week,  

Diana and Dioshane making sure all is going well,  

a steak for me, Mr. Tony had very kindly popped in and dropped of a few things for us, some home grown bananas and chocolate for the girls and a steak for myself,

Diana had also popped on a few pieces of chicken for the evening meal.

whilst sitting at the table I could not help but notice how the amaryllis has continued to flower,

each stem has a 3 or 4 flowers on it,

plus there are so many more to flower,

plus a few more dark red flowers,

and two totally different ones, 

on to our our evening bar-b-q,

I am just glad the smoke is not getting in my eyes,

but Dioshane and Diana seem to be doing OK,

chicken and steak this evening, 

I should have mentioned we had some garlic bread for our starters,

on to the main course, a delicious steak for myself, for which I have to say a big thank you to Mr. Tony, 

with lots of chicken for the family,

no prises for guessing what the dessert was, you guessed it a Magnum all round!

then to the serious part of the evening Monopoly and who won? Dioshane again! we watched a few movies, but as we have an early start tomorrow, we we off to bed.