Sunday, 3 July 2022

It Was A Nice Day,

as I made my way to the station,

I was going to buy the train tickets to visit Duncan this coming Wednesday, but it was not to be, the ticket office was closed,

I made my way to the number 54 bus stop,

past the big screen on the green showing Wimbledon tennis,

I have to admit I have no interest in tennis, or any othet sport for that matter,

but this stall took my interest!

off of the bus I had a quick look at the antique shop,

in the basket on the right there were a umber of old photograph albums, which I always enjoy looking through,

over the road Kingfisheries, one of the customers parked on the forecourt, parking there it saves having to carry 25 liter containers of RO water to their cars/trucks,

Graham mentioned there were a few new koi in stock,

so I popped out the back of the shop to have a look, but the main reason I went out side was, 

because Graham mentioned that there were some sterlets in sock,

I find them fascinating,

just imagine growing caviar in your own back garden!

I had a quick look at last weeks koi,

before I was on the bus and home,

 Diana had arranged to met Wilma in London to go window shopping and have a meal at Jollibee, and also look at some other shops specialising in Filipino food and goods, as it happens Diana was home before I was,

it was soon time for my evening read and sherry,

for our starter this evening,

country pate and toast,


pork filets for our main meal, with gravy for Diana,

sans gravy for myself,

to round the meal off, a raspberry trifle, we listened to music until a program we both wanted to watch was on the television, 

photograph BBC, it was a documentary featuring a countdown of the 30 most popular sketches from Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise, 2 hours of non-stop hilarity, we rounded the evening off with a Silent Witness before we were off to bed.

When We Bought Our Car,

after returning from Thailand,

one thing I noticed was these, photograph Mark Putzer, MotorBiscuit, little black dots on the windscreen, I always wondered what they are for, well now I know, they are called frits, and without them your windscreen could fallout! they are made of a “black painted enamel that’s baked onto the surface of the glass,” as detailed by Richard Reina, an automotive product training director, in an interview with Travel + LeisureReina explained that modern cars have a windshield bonded to the frame. He described how the windshield is “bonded using a strong and long-lasting urethane adhesive, which makes the windshield a structural component of the vehicle’s body.” the frits “provide a secure point of contact between the glass, urethane adhesive, and windshield frame.” there is also an aesthetic element to the design of the frits. They are “baked in a halftone pattern, with smaller dots toward the outside, allowing for a subtle transition to the rest of the glass,” as described by Craig Campbell, an automotive repair expert, If the little black dots on your car windshield start to wear off, then you should get them replaced. Campbell said, “Without it, the glass could become loose and fall out of the frame. While this is unlikely to happen, it’s still something that you should be aware of. If you’re unsure of how to replace the dots, you can always take your car to a professional for help.” Reina seconded those sentiments. He also added that if you don’t know how to replace the frits, then you should take your car to a professional, as it is not a DIY project, Reina said, “The windshield’s black spots are an important feature, and you shouldn’t try to fix or modify them. The frit keeps your windshield bonded to your vehicle, and without it, your windshield would not properly adhere to your car.” so now I know what the little black dots on the windscreen are, frits, who would have thought it?

We Have Often Featured Tattoo Artists,

but I can not recall a tattoo with such bright colours, 

these are all the work of Derek Turcotte who is a talented tattoo artist from Canada,

he is the owner of the Electric Grizzly Tattoo studio in Canmore, Canada,

but it is not only the colour that makes his tattoos stand out,

it is the subject, he spends his days turning clients into living artworks decorated with their favorite comic book and video game characters,

“I love working on large projects and creating unique, large-scale tattoos that will look good from across a room,” Turcotte told the Craig and Canyon newspaper. “I love that I get to create something new every day"

I have to admit these are the most brilliantly coloured tattoos I can think of,

and here is a breakdown of the colours he uses,

to see more of his inkredible work pop over to his Instagram page where he has over 300,000 followers, what amazing work.

Saturday, 2 July 2022

Another Day Of Only One Post,

I took way too many photographs, again!

today a drive in the countryside,

first a few miles of motorways, before we hit the smaller,

country roads,

countryside driving rule number 1, tractors always have right of way, argue if you dare!

all was going well,

we even hit the one track bridge with no traffic on it,

after which the roads got a tad narrow,

and then there it was,

the cost is 50 pence for a punnet, then PYO and at the end when you think you have enough the charge is £5.00 per kilo,

I asked if Diana had to be weighed before entering!

we were on our way,

and could not believe our eyes,

the very first tree was laden down with cherries,

we tried a few,

well more than a few,

they were delicious,

Diana started picking a few to take home,

and naturally sampling a few, well we did not want to pick from a tree where they were not sweet!

last year the farm was closed, the year before that a very poor harvest, but this year made up for all of that,

some of the branches were so over loaded with cherries the fruit actually touched the ground,

and instead of reaching up, Diana had to kneel down to pick them!

the photographs do not do justice,

to the amount of fruit that was there for the picking,

it was great fun,

in no time we had a half a punnet full of cherries,

and then we came to the trees where no one had been picking before us, you could almost hear the branches creaking under the weight of the fruit!

heaven knows why I was reaching up there,

there were so many at easy picking level,

naturally I had to try a few,

and who can resist,

 cherry earrings?

what a truly fabulous crop,

a final photograph of myself,

so far we had been lucky with the weather,

as we made our way back to be weighed,

the bill including the punnet,

came to £8.00 exactly,

what a great way,

to spend some time in the afternoon,

back to the car for the next part of our journey,

again we luckily hit the bridge, 

with out having to wait for on coming cars,

the van on the other side waiting for us to clear the bridge,


as we neared the level crossing,

it was obvious that we were not going to make it,

so we sat it out,

pulled up in front of us,

no sooner had the train past and the gates just slightly raised,

and he was gone,

we both did not have a breakfast,

so the next stop, food!

as they had a large dinning area we choose Coolings Garden Center, I thought the front of the building looked nice,

with the Union Jack above the door in flowers,

inside we had a look around,

all manner of hanging indoor plants,

and of course orchids,

lots of them,

succulents seem to have over taken cactus as the must have house plant over the past few years,

but there were still lots of cactus on display,

these wind mobiles you defiantly do not want to look at if you are having a dizzy moment!

they were actually a bit mesmerising, so I made a short video of them,

new for this visit, fairies that have their own solar powered light, when ever I see fairies I always think of Richard Dadd,

as this newspaper described him, 'The Fairy King',

and of course one must not forget the Cottingley Fairies,

outside flowers everywhere we looked,

a riot of color,

in some previous posts I have mention bee gardens on top of bus stop shelters, 

well here are the flowers that are used on them,

with a note on how to make your own bug hotel,

inside one of the greenhouses,

and outside again, what a great time of the year to visit somewhere like this,

some of the flowers looking too good to be true!

telephone boxes seem to spring up everywhere,

time for a pose,

next tea with the Queen of Hearts,

I found the table Diana found the food,

for Diana,

a latte coffee and a toasted cheese and ham sandwich,

for myself a pot of tea,

and a current scone,

easy does it,

and of course with the scone,

lots of Cornish cream and strawberry jam,

the dinning area is large and even has a overflow room for when it is very busy,

the beamed ceiling a nice touch, our breakfast came to £18.00,

outside hydrangeas,

and so many beds of colorful flowers,

these looking like sunflowers,

Diana took a photograph of me taking a photograph of her,

lupins seem to be the flower of choice this year,

a lot more colorful, well I should say stronger colours than the ones my grandmother used to grow,

a look at the top of the flower looking down,

these looked really different,

blue thistles,

a last look through the roses at the outside plants for sale,

and a pose from myself, well these things just have to be done!

inside, if you do not have green fingers,

there are these,

a greenhouse,

full of artificial ones,

like this one,

no aroma,

but delicately formed,

outside and back home,

today's journey 63.3 miles,

we averaged 31 miles per hour, which considering much of it was on country roads seems pretty fair,

and returned 46 miles to the gallon, which I thought very good indeed, it is not exactly a small car,

in the evening time for a read and a sherry,

for our starter mussels in a white wine sauce,


for our main course bangers and mash, with vegetables,

with gravy for Diana sans gravy for myself,

eyed down and tuck in!

for dessert a raspberry cream

delicious! after listening to some music it was feet up for a double helping of Silent Witness before we were off to bed.