Monday, 30 June 2014

It Is Sunday,


 so we are out for a Sunday lunch,

 Mr. Tony very kindly picked us up, we parked in Soi Lengkee, looking towards Soi Bukaow,

 and Third Road,

 one of the many mobile street stalls,

 there is a 7-11 on the corner of Soi Lengkee and Soi Bukaow,

 and another not 50 yards down Soi Diana, I wonder how many 7-11s there are in Pattaya, they seem to be everywhere,

 we continued along Soi Diana walking past the Metropole Hotel on the right,

 and on to the Robin's Nest,

we were joined to day by Slim Jim, who like Mr. Tony and myself went for the 279 baht carvery,

 as usual a full selection of meats and vegetables to tempt us,

as well as a fully stocked bar,

Diana decided to eat from the menu,

and chose the breaded chicken topped with cheese, fried onions and potatoes and a salad,

 so it was eyes down and tuck in,


 then along came the ice creams,

 they were to good to miss,

 but Mr. Tony decided against one,

 Slim Jim and myself followed with a coffee each,

 mine a latte,

 with a chocolate flower on top,

 we then made our way back to the car,

 after saying our farewells to Slim Jim,

 Diana popped into a 7-11 to buy some batteries whilst Mr. Tony bought a few things from one of the mobile stalls,

 there were so many at the top of Soi Diana,

 selling almost anything,

 but mainly food,

 the car nearly in sight, it was scorchingly hot,

 we walked past a stall selling two tone helmets with cartoons on them that I had not seen before,

then the car insight and home we went,

in the afternoon we watched some more of the Morecambe and Wise Christmas specials, then saying goodnight to Mr. Tony, a few quiz shows, 

and a great Western. Sweetwater, on TMN, then for us off to bed.

We Often Feature Street Artists,

and here is another one,

artist Ernest Zacharevic has been quite busy the last few months with stops in Italy and locations around Malaysia where he just finished a month-long residency in Ipoh. 

He completed several large murals depicting locals and their way of life, but also painted a few of his signature pieces that humorously depict children or animals interacting with elements of buildings or other nearby objects,

and if you live out here it is no surprise to see drinks sold in plastic bags like this, 

what a talent Ernest has.

I Guess,

The Bellingham Herald,

makes up it's Community Notebook as it goes along.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

We Woke Up At Nick And Maureen's Home,

and as it was Diana's birthday today,

 it was present time!

 chocolates, yummy!,

 after thanking Nick and Maureen for looking after us so well we drove back home, 

 where another present waited for Diana,

 in the afternoon the fishing tackle shop telephoned to say that my fishing rod was finished, so I picked it up, the broken rod ring all now brand new,

 then it was glad rags on for Diana's birthday meal,

 we decided on a seafood meal at the Lobster Pot,

  so we made our way to Walking Street through Soi Diamond,

 we were deliberately early, 

 the street almost deserted as it was only about 6.30 in the evening, but as we wanted a table by the sea we had to have an early start, the Moulin Rouge barely getting a second glance in the daylight,

 as we approached the Lobster Pot we meet a gentleman that I first meet back in 1982 on my first visit here,

 he sells flowers to make a living as he is disabled,

 then into the restaurant,

 the food can not get any fresher than this!

 everything immaculately clean,

 and spotless, 

 we made our way to the end of the dinning area,

 we were in luck, we had a table for two over looking the bay,

 then a welcome sight, our drinks arrived,

 the orchid round the straw was a nice touch,

 sunset over the bay,

 our first course,

 tom yum goong soup, we ordered the small size bowl,

 Diana's cocktail arrived next,

 a coconut royale,

 our next course arrived, spicy fish cakes,


 the coconut was a bit heavy to lift, 'Cheers!',

 then our main course arrived, the seafood platter, the price had risen a little from our last trip here,

  but at 1,850 baht the price included a full liter of red or white wine, which we still felt was reasonable,

 and there was so much food,

 a quick de-bone,

 and we can start on the other side,

 in the bay there are a number of floating restaurants,

 and discos,

 by now we had finished eating, but there was a little rice left, so I suggested to Diana to throw it to the fish, but she missed and the rice hit the bottom of the two rails,

 and bounced back onto the decking,

 but all was not lost,

 in no time at all this cheeky chappie showed up and ate the rice,

 as it was a special occasion I treated myself to a Irish coffee,

it was a great show as liquid flame made its way into the mug,

 meanwhile Diana had ordered a dessert,

 a Jumbo ice cream,

 cocktail, ice cream, what could be better?

 no don't pull it's ears off!

the Irish coffee looked good,

 and tasted delicious, our meal over we made our way home,

 opposite the Lobster Pot I noticed this new shop, which makes a change from the bars that dominate the street,

  it was a wonderful evening and by now all of the bars had opened,

 what a deference the night and a few lights make to the Moulin Rouge,

 on to the bikes,

 and home,

we watched one more episode from the excellent series Ripper Street, then for us we were off to bed.