Thursday, 31 July 2014

We Had A Quiet Day,

again today,

but in the evening a romantic meal for two,

we defrosted some of the Indian meal we had brought home with us last week, plus a chicken leg for Diana,

whilst I went with just the Indian food,

we even had a candle on the table, 'Cheers!',

the fish looked on,

so they had an extra meal or two,

and for dessert a Magnum chock ice, 

we listened to music and chatted the evening away, a couple from Sherlock and then we were off to bed.

The Art Of Making Traditional Japanese Hairpins,

goes back over 3,000 years,

the skillful art of making these hair ornaments called kanzashi has been passed down through the centuries, 

and based in Narita City, Japanese artist Sakae continues the art of making exquisite hair ornaments, each piece hand-crafted from resin with a delicate brass wire around the edges,

they are works of art in themselves, each piece taking from 3 to 30 days to make, so beautiful, but at the moment, Sakae only occasionally puts one up for sale, and when she does it’s through Yahoo Auctions in Japan, but on her web site she does mention that she does hope to start selling Internationally, as a guide price her latest auction just closed earlier this week, it attracted 215 buyers and finally sold for 400,000 yen, (£2,300, $3,890 at today's rate).

Yesterday We Posted An Article About A USB Pet Rock,

so today another USB plug in,

one that actually does something, no not record data, it wiggles and squirms, that's all folks, available from ThinkGeek, I cannot help but think why?

I Will Be The First To Admit It,

my spelling is hopelessly bad,

at school in one term I was in detention every week for failing the weekly 20 word spelling test, my fate was doomed when my English Language master wrote on my end of year report, 'has continually excelled at the ability of misspelling', so it was with some surprise that I found out that UC-Berkly also has spelling problems, when the printers of their diplomas made a mistake no one at the university spotted it, look carefully, can you see the misspelling? the mistake was spotted when Alex Harris and his wife were packing to move recently, she noticed something strange about his college diploma that had been hanging on the wall for a few years, with a major in mass what? UC-Berkly has yet to communicate a response.

Are There Times When You Say Something,

and you then think,

'did I really say that?' I guess this was one of them, in case you are wondering,

this is Heather Locklear.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

We Had A Really Quiet Day,

although we did pop out to the shops,

I did not take the camera as we were just going to the 7-11 and Tesco Lotus Express, Mark called by for a coffee and a chat, in the evening we watched a few more from Sherlock, then for us we were off to bed.

I Have Been Trying To Keep To A Diet,

which seems to be working,

when I first started this blog many years ago in my profile I was 93 kilos, after some time I reduced my profile to 90 kilos, now I have reduced it again to 80 kilos, actually I have been as low as 78, but that was when I was going for a check up and you are not allowed to eat the evening before, plus I was eating salads for a couple of days before that, I always look at weight losing claims and this looked like a good one till I read the underlined passage, a definite no no!

I Am Sure That Most Of Us Have Seen Bubble Wrap,

and spent more time popping the bubbles than wrapping the parcel,

so here is a neat way to stop people from popping the bubbles, put a goldfish in side each bubble, and as a bonus the occasional black one, that is what Kaboomi Studio have done, it appears the studio is a showcase magazine for wacky ideas, I am not sure if the bubble wrap is being marketed but what a great idea to stop people bursting the bubbles, 'burst the bubble and the goldfish gets it!' and no they are not real goldfish.

Unless You Were Around In The 1970s,

you will not remember Pet Rocks,

they were the as the brain child of Gary Dahl, the owner of an advertising agency in Los Gatos, California, he had been listening to friends complain about their pets and it started him thinking about what would be the perfect pet, his idea was a Pet Rock, low maintenance, you didn't have to feed it, you didn't have to walk it, you didn't have to clean up after it, Dahl created packaging that looked like a tiny pet carrier, added adoption papers, pedigrees, and paperwork of that sort to go along with -- a rock, just a rock, and people went crazy for those rocks, those rocks made him a millionaire in short order, really,

moving on to now where most homes have a computer we now have the USB Pet Rock, so now Pet Rocks come equipped with a USB cord so that you can plug yours into your computer, Pet Rocks are now cooler than ever, having one of these sitting on your desk will let your family or coworkers know that you are a compassionate and responsible pet owner -- only adopting a pet that you know you can care for, it will also show that you are up with the latest trends and totally cool and for a real laugh after a couple of weeks add a few pebbles near your USB Pet Rock and tell everyone it had puppies, (pebbles), what a great way to mess with family, coworkers and friends!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

It Was Glen's Last Day Here,

as he is flying tomorrow,

 so we arranged to meet up with Steve as well for a breakfast at the Punch and Judy, it is located between Pattaya 3rd Road and Thepprasit Soi 8, almost opposite the Eden Hotel,

large English breakfast for Steve, American for Glen and a small English breakfast for myself, diet starts tomorrow!

 in the afternoon we watched the first of eight DVD's titled Ancient Egypt, easy to watch and packed with information, later in the afternoon Mark called round for a coffee and a chat,

after our evening meal an evening of Sherlock Holmes, as an aside if you like Sherlock you can join the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, then as it grew near the midnight hour we were off to bed.

How Do You See Something,

when some of it is not there?

this may look like a black and white photograph, but what you are actually looking at is a painting made of thousands and thousands of tiny holes, so you are looking at something that is not there, Norwegian artist Anne-Karin Furunes’ paintings are created by punching perforations into large canvases, creating the effect of monochromatic hyper-realistic portraits,

Anne has been perfecting her unique perforation technique since the 1990s, when she was a student of architecture and art at the Art Academy of Trondheim, Anne’s technique is really quite extraordinary – she punches each hole by hand, using thirty different sizes of punch holes, 'it’s not an illusion on canvas,' said Anne. 'it’s the absence of an illusion, or it’s actually the space that makes these portraits happen, and it is, in a way, appearing in the head of the viewer, so it’s all in your head, actually,' so I guess it is true, you are looking at something that is not really there.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Sunday Again!

so we are off to lunch with Mr. Tony,

 he very kindly picked us up,

 and off we went, we followed this chap for some time, good job it was not a full sized door!

 we parked in Soi Lenkee,

 and walked past the temporary coconut stall,

 across Soi Bukaow,

 and into Soi Diana,

 as we made our way to The Robin's Nest, which is just before LK Metro,

 we meet up with Slim Jim,

 who decided to have a salad as he was not very hungry,

 but it still looked huge,

Diana decided on a beefburger and chips,

 but the lure of the Sunday buffet,

 was just too much,

 so we had to give it a try,

first up Mr. Tony,

 then it was eyes down and tuck in,


 ice cream to follow as it was included in the price of the carvery,

 Diana as she had ordered off the menu did not have a dessert course included,

 so she ordered a banana split,

 followed by a latte coffee,

 which was delicious, another great meal from The Robin's Nest, after saying farewell to Slim Jim we made a move for home,

but on the way back we made a slight detour, 

to have a look at a garage that rents cars,

 not just 'normal cars',

 but ones you do not see out here very often,

 the MGB is real, 

but I am not to sure about this Porsche 356 with Bangkok plates,

 arriving home we settled down to watching a few from I Didn't Know You Cared, then after saying our goodbyes to Mr. Tony, 

we watched a few more from Sherlock Holmes, then for us we were off to bed.