Monday, 31 January 2022

Sunday Has Rushed Around Again,

the days just seem to fly past,

a read and a sherry to start,

before duck spring rolls,

eyes down and tuck in,

roast chicken for our lunch,

sans gravy for myself,

we rounded off our meal with cherry pie and fresh cream,

after our meal we watched a couple from Space Force, Diana was not too sure but I found the two episodes we watched so funny, 

then it was time for a Christmas treat from Steve and Kai, a tin of panettone, we had a small nibble during the course of the evening,

as we watched, Goldmember, so OTT but so funny, 

we followed that with Red Notice, a hunt by a detective chasseing a thief goes global, with Interpol in hot pursuit, great sets and costumes, by now it was late, so for us we were off to bed.

What Happens When You Ask 40 Animators Around The World,

to 'pass the ball?'

it was the idea of Nathan Boey, to 'pass the ball' around the world,

each animator had just 3 seconds before passing the ball on,

every animator giving the ball his or her take on what should happen to it,

from flying through space,

to going into a telephone, the venture took 40 months of planning and making the final result, which I found quite entertaining, 

if the video does not play you can watch it herea question, if asked how would you animate your 3 seconds of passing the ball?

I Seldom Follow Fashions,

but I just had to make a post about the latest in men's underwear,

photographs Wacoalthis is the first of a line of lace boxer briefs for men, in November of last year, Wacoal tested the waters of this ultra-niche market by offering the Lace Boxer on Japanese crowdfunding platform Makuake. The company knew it had a winner on its hands when its product smashed its modest crowdfunding goal of 300,000 yen, at today's rate £1941.76 or $2,602.92 by 1,090 percent, earning about 3.27 million yen, at today's rate £23,948.33 or $32,102.73, in pledges.

in order to adapt the delicate material that is lace to a masculine clientele, Wacoal modified the fabric, making it stronger and stretchier,

Lace Boxers are said to have the same durability as regular Wacoal men’s boxer shorts, Wacoal describes its new Lace Boxers as both beautiful to look at and functional, ensuring improved breathability, with the transparency of the material increasing airflow,

Lace Boxers are available on the Wacoal online store and on Amazon, for 3,960 yen at today's rate £25.63 or $34.36, so do I want to be in fashion or keep to my normal underwear? decision, decisions!

Sunday, 30 January 2022

First Thing,


Diana was on late shift, so we had breakfast together, eggs on baked beans on toast and a mug of tea, what a great way start the day, and even better, happy news from the Philippines, 

the house is finished and the house blessing and warming party took place on Saturday,

I am not sure who everybody was but it looks like every one enjoyed themselves! after Diana left for work I started to watch a documentary series, War Factories, which was unbelievably good, so many factories not troops ultimately led to the allies victory, 

the saga continues, in the late afternoon a telephone call, it was LG, a curtsey call to make sure I had been called back yesterday, the lady seemed quite surprised when I informed her that we had not had any calls, the problem is that thinking our television would arrive when LG originally said it would, we booked a holiday next week, starting on Wednesday morning, so I will only be home on Monday and Tuesday, I was told there was very little chance of it being delivered then, so it looks like we we take delivery of it on the week commencing the 7th, hopefully!

in the evening a read and a sherry, 'Cheers!',

I started a new book by William Dampier, author, seaman and pirate, the book titled Piracy Turtles and Flying Foxes, so far has been a exceptionally enjoyable read, 

for my starter a prawn cocktail,

followed by a chicken tikka masala, prawn madras and saffron rice,

for dessert, mango, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, after Diana arrived home and a coffee and a chat we watch a New Tricks before we were off to bed.

Here Is A Totally New Take,

on sushi,

when you dine at this restaurant the food glows in the dark!

London-based Bompas & Parr created the Glow-in-the-Dark Sushi bar at Mother of the Nation, a festival that took place in the UAE capital from 9 to 18 December 2021,

the menu included fluorescent pink nigiri, and maki in shades of electric blue and neon green, the effect was created by using black light, a type of UV light that emits ultraviolet radiation, 

"The black light emits ultraviolet radiation, which excites atoms and causes them to release fluorescent light," said Rian Coulter, senior account manager for Bompas & Parr, 

"The menu endeavours to bring the wider themes of entertainment and indulgence together in the best spirit of food, community and creativity," said studio co-founder Harry Parr, "Now more than ever we're ready to glow!" he added, as an aside UV light makes anything that is white glow, so just hope that none of the other dinners have dandruff! Yuck!

When I First Looked At These Photographs,

I thought, 'roller coaster',

all images © Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, but I was so wrong!

there were no tracks,

just steps, 70-meters above ground at its highest point, “SpaceWalk” is the latest undulating sculpture by Hamburg-based artists Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, the monumental staircase winds in loops and elevations similar to that of a rollercoaster throughout Hwanho Park in Pohang, South Korea,

it is the largest contemporary public sculpture ever installed in the country, and a follow-up to the pair’s 2011 project “Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain” in Duisburg, Germany, 

“SpaceWalk” is built of galvanized and stainless steels atop a cement foundation and embedded rows of LED lights. “At night in particular, the brightly-illuminated walkway appears like a sigil drawn in the sky, appearing to represent different things depending on where one is standing,” Mutter and Genth say. “Thus, the sculpture also references local mythology and a tradition of sky-gazing and also makes playful use of relativity.”

pedestrians enter the work at a central staircase, which breaks into two paths: one gently sloped walkway leads to a view of Yeongil Bay and the surrounding city, while the other is a steeper climb through a helix. Both are designed to mimic an otherworldly experience. “The title ‘SpaceWalk’ is taken from the terminology of outer space missions. It describes the act of exiting the space vehicle in the weightlessness of outer space. More literally, ‘SpaceWalk’ can be understood to mean ‘a walk through space,'” they say, the sad fact of life that is for myself, the number of steps would be impossible for my knees, but for more of the duo’s architectural projects, head to their site.

Saturday, 29 January 2022

The Saga Of Our Television Continues,

on Monday the 24th it was good news,

LG inform us that the television was repaired and Panther, the courier company had been asked to pick it up and deliver it to us, fast forward to yesterday morning, Friday 28th, I called Panther and joined the queue waiting to be answered, bad news, LG did not call them and we are not scheduled for any delivery, next call to LG, I was lucky, only 12 in the queue in front of me, LG insisted they had called Panther, until I asked "why is it still in your service depot?" silence, I had already informed them that next week we were going on holiday, so time was of the essence, I was put on hold, eventually the operator said he had elevated me to tier 2, what ever that means and said a tier 2 operative would call me back, so that was that,

for myself it was into town,

to pick up the weekends shopping, arriving home it was now midday, the tier 2 person had still not called back, I had a cunning plan, when in the queue telephoning LG you are asked if you want a call back, this is what I did, I left my telephone number, so now I should receive a call from the tier 2 person and the call back service,

as promised at 1.00 Robbie called by to service the central heating boiler,

it all looks so complicated in there, service finished we had a chat for the rest of the afternoon, after he left the 6.00 shut off point came and went for LG, they all went home, with neither the tire 2 or the call back service telephoning, what appalling service from LG, words fail me,

on a happier note it was time for a read and a sherry,

for tonight toad in the hole,


eyes down and tuck in,

then off to the club to meet Steve, past the tennis courts,

and into the club, 

where I was looked after by both Rob and Bill, Steve arrived and we chatted the night away, returning home and Diana arriving,

 it was then feet up for Once Upon A Time In London, it was the gangsters in this movie set in the1930s that when they fell paved the way for the Krays and the Richardson's, after which we were off to bed.