Friday, 28 January 2022

At Last!

the photographs that Diana sent to me have arrived,

the girls continued their walk,

arriving in Chinatown,

where it was time to eat,

they choose the Four Seasons restaurant,

where they ordered food,

lots of it!


and Diana enjoyed their meal, and were soon on their way for more window shopping,

and in one window Diana spotted these little cuties,

all too soon it was time to make their way home,

so a coffee and cake it was then,

the girls all smiles,

as usual, 

Kai ready for the train home,

Diana still had her drink to take on the train, and still had not finished it by the time she arrived home!

on to Thursday, for myself I had a quiet day, another CD arrived so I was upstairs copying it to my telephone, in the afternoon I watched a few documentaries, after my evening meal, 

 it was feet up for The Legend of Zorro, a great Boys Own adventure, a veritable one man army took on the bad guys, and won! after Diana arrived home we had a chat and a coffee and then settled down for,

 The Fall of the Krays, not a great finish, so much was left out, but there it is, and with the end of that we were off to bed.

Wednesday And Yesterday I Mentioned Telephone Boxes,

and then here today is where they go when their life is over,

the red telephone box graveyard in Merstham, Surrey, which is just outside of London, is the home of Unicorn Restorations, who proudly restore these iconic boxes with staff spending up to 30 hours stripping each old kiosk, repainting them in the identical shades of red once stipulated by the General Post Office and putting in new glass to complete the look,

Image: Ian T (@Officially_IT))  there were once around 73,000 red phone boxes dotted around the country at their peak, their numbers have since dwindled to around 21,000, the company has in the past restored phone boxes that are now located in some of London’s most popular landmarks, including Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, The Tower of London and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, also they have completed work for television and film productions including Harry Potter, Paddington and the John Lewis Christmas advertisements,

(Image: Ian T (@Officially_IT))  and  among their prestigious customers, you can also find BT, The Corporation of London, and English Heritage, so the burning question, how much if you want to have your own personal red telephone box? Once rejuvenated, they sell for a variety of prices ranging from just under £4,000 to as much as £20,000, with the price being higher for the older designs, these include the three classic models of red telephone kiosk: the K2, the K6 and the K8, the K6, which was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V's coronation in 1935, is largely identified as the red telephone box that most people think of, 60,000 examples of these were installed across Britain, which is why the K6 has come to represent what many regard as the typical red phone box, for further details here is the Unicorn Restorations web site, how strange I mention telephone boxes yesterday and I find this site today!


This Is Nessie,

as most of us remember the creature,

it is known around the world as the ‘Surgeons photograph’ as it was taken by a London physician named R. Kenneth Wilson, but here is a shock, only last week,

this photograph appeared, looking almost like a double, the creature was captured in camera by Arek Chytros, but here is the thing, this was not in Loch Ness, but here in London! according to local conservation group Friends of Wimbledon Park the lake and surrounding areas are homes to bats, birds, fish, invertebrates, and the European eel are among the myriad of species that thrive in Wimbledon Park Lake, the photograph appeared last Thursday, (January 20th), for the full story of London's newest attraction, Nessie in the park, have a look here.


Thursday, 27 January 2022

Diana Left As I Was Typing Our Blog,

she was meeting up with Kai for a girls day out,

on to the train,

starting the day by the yacht,

it was huge,

just a shame they forgot the keys!

what a beauty,

moving on,

time for a few poses from Diana,

and Kai,

after lots of window shopping, they decided to eat, so into a restaurant, and here their day stops as far as photographs are concerned, Diana had sent me some of the rest of their day, but for some reason they have not arrived in my inbox, I can see then queued from last night but they have not arrived, when they do I will post them,

for myself, I called LG for news on our television, I was 18th in the queue so I requested a call back which will take place before 6.00 this evening, so blog posted and I was out,

we needed some milk and a few other bits and pieces,

past the green,

I just had to take a photograph of the new telephone boxes that are replacing the red ones that so many of us like,

past the church, I wanted a few notes of real money so I called into the cash point,

and then back to Waitrose, where the first of the summer goods are on display,

back into the park and home, at 5.00 in the afternoon LG called back, it was confirmed our television had been repaired on Monday and was awaiting the courier company to pick it up from LG, no news from the courier company but hopefully tomorrow they will advise us of a delivery date,

after a few documentaries it was time for a sherry and a read,


for tonight a pork belly with crackling, followed by some grapes, after which Diana arrived home,

so it was a coffee and feet up for Dune, the 1984 version, after which we were off to bed.

We Have All Seen Or Read About Him,

in books or at the cinema,

but here is the real Spider-man! YouTuber Jake Laser tested various creative ways to climb on walls: he tested adhesive tape, suction cups, electromagnets and other methods that ultimately didn’t work, he then thought of using a mini vacuum suction pump strapped to his hands and legs to stick and hold his weight. After a few tests and modifications, he successfully climbed up his bedroom wall and onto the ceiling, and is now going to try the seemingly impossible as he gets ready to climb an actual building just like Spider-Man!

you can watch Laser and his crew climb the 14-story Andaz West Hollywood hotel in southern California with nothing but his vacuum suction pumps, spider costume and safety rope and harness in this YouTube clip above, way to go Spider-man!

There Used To Be A Saying,

"the camera never lies",

but as we all know now that it does indeed lie! I was intrigued by this photograph by Cal Cole, who is a 18-year-old photographer who posted a photo of a pylon against a colorful sky, the pylon, with its wires outstretching in the image, served as a sort of a stained glass window and framed the different colors in the sky,

above he shares how he edited his viral time slice photo, which was made from 14 photos, the post-production process took about five or six hours. “For a long time, I wasn’t sure how well it would turn out,” Cole told My Modern Met. “But I sent the image to my friends— something I always do as they give me an honest opinion—and they said it was one of my best photos. That’s when I realized it was something I was very happy with.” to see more of his work you can follow him on Instagram, back to the photograph, how many times I have seen pylons and never thought to photograph them!

Wednesday, 26 January 2022

The Saga Of Our Televisi0on Continues,

I called LG first Thing in the Morning,

the news was not good, on Monday I was told the television was ready to go, but it was not that simple, the lady that I was speaking to today (Tuesday), told me that a email had been sent to the service department requesting a update for delivery at 3.30 in the afternoon, I asked what the reply was, "oh we never receive a reply in less than 24 hours, but if we have any news we will call you", they did not call, which begs the question, why could the customer care department not telephone the service center and get an immediate reply? shortly afterwards I received a call from the courier company, "as the collection on did not go according to plan I am calling to make another collection appointment", I explain that the collection should not have happened and that the television was collected the week before, apparently both the driver and the manager I spoke to did not press the correct buttons on their computer, so it still had us down for an incomplete collection! moving on,

I called round to pick up Steve, whose car has still not been repaired, he had run out of RO water,

so into Kingfisheries in Croydon Road, for some water as Lee looked on,

back to Steve and Kai's home, I just had to have a look at Steve's bee hive,

top removed,

to see the frames where the honey will be produced,

under those the Queens grid, this stops the Queen which is larger that the others, from flying from the hive,

the next set of frames where the workers service the Queen,

at the bottom the wire mouse screen, those pesky mice get everywhere!

the hive is positioned next to their strawberry patch, the bees with their Queen will be arriving some time in April, after a coffee and a chat and I was home,

listening to Seasick Steve, I had just received a CD that I think has the best title that I have heard, it is called, 'I Started Out with Nothin and I Still Got Most of It Left' what a great title,

I also listened again to Dog House Music, on the CD he tells a wonderful story of his dog, arrest and reunion, after which Diana returned home, so we had time for a film, 

for tonight American Outlaws, a entertaining film, but it did not seem to know whether it should be funny or factual, regrettably it failed at both, but it was an easy watch, after that we were off to bed.