Friday, 7 January 2022

It Was A Cold One,

last night,

the hardest frost we have had so far -2°C both Diana and myself were hoping for some snow, but none so far, Diana was at work, for myself it was up stairs to bring down the boxes that all of the Christmas tree decorations spend the summer in, also load up the ones with the garlands that were around the front door as well as the little village scenes and table decorations that we have, then take them all upstairs, it took more than a few trips! tomorrow Diana will start putting all of the Christmas tree decorations in their boxes, in the late afternoon Steve called round for a coffee and a chat, after he left and my evening meal, I started to watch,

 Fred Dibnah's Made In Britain, I had watched the series many years ago in 2010, this was what I wrote then, "it was Fred Dibnah's last series before he died from cancer in November 2004, He was determined to finish this, despite suffering from the cancer and he achieved it, he embarks on a journey around Britain in his newly-restored 1912 Aveling and Porter traction engine, in search of engineering skills and technology from a bygone age although we had seen it before it was still good watching it again, absolutely fascinating", and it was so nice to watch some of the series again, the series is being shown over 3 nights, each evening 2 half-hour episodes are shown back to back, after Diana arrived home we settled down for a evening film, 

tonightValerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, I had tweaked the HDR settings on the television, and the film looked even better than the last time we watched it, the special effects stunning, at the end of that we were off to bed. 

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