Wednesday, 12 January 2022

In The UK There Is A Series,

about Jeremy Clarkson's farm,

he is a well known a television car program presenter who now runs a farm, in the series he bought a Lamborghini tractor, that is him on it above, the reason I mention this is because that is how Lamborghini started, not by making cars but by making tractors, and here is an early one that recently went up for sale,

it is a Lamborghini 5CTL, which was purchased by the seller’s father from a gentleman in Modena, Italy, unfortunately any documents related to the tractor were lost by the previous keeper, and so the seller has stated it was produced somewhere between 1961 – 1961,

the seat of the Lamborghini has been re-upholstered with new foam to the base, back and sides. The gauges are working as they should, with the hour meter showing 1316 hours, and the control leavers have new grips fitted to them. The inside has been repainted in the original color, all of which is in excellent condition,

with 39 bhp and a 2193 cc displacement engine, the 5CTL was the most powerful tractor produced by Lamborghini at the time, the 3 cylinder engine in the Lamborghini is believed to be the original, which has been refurbished with new gaskets, seals, starter motor, diesel pipes replaced, exhaust and a cooling fan bearing, 

this was then finished off with fresh oil and gearbox oil, ensuring everything is safe and working as it should, the wiring has also been replaced, the 2.2 diesel engine is running as it should, and the tractor starts up on the button with the first press, the 4-speed dual-range transmission and track drive is working as it should, for more details and photographs have a look here.

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