Sunday, 2 January 2022

We Decided To Go For A Walk,

so wrap up warm,

and we were off, to walk around Beckenham Place Park,

also I had one thing to do,

post a letter in the snail mail box,

it was a holiday,

so the park was packed with people,

we passed the front of the mansion,

time for a pose,

the mansion, today we did not go inside,

all the fun of the fair!

great for the kids,

we walked along the side of the mansion, where there was a shop selling items from the 1950s or thereabouts,

looking towards what was once one of the fairways,

the lake in the distance,

another of the fairways,

the big tree,

well I just had too!

we started our walk to the café, for coffee and cake, 

but the queue was enormous,

we decided to wait until we arrived home,

the first sign of spring,

above Diana,

the first of the cherry blossom,

we started towards the woods,

passing the mulberry tree,

the legend says it all,

no swimmers in the lake today,

a new pool in the making,

we started through the woods,

time for a pose,

or two,

or three!

I just had too as well,

considering the number of people at the café and courtyard, the woods were almost empty,

we came to the muddy bit, I do wish Bromley council would make this part of the park up, it really is so muddy,

still on to the dry bit now for our walk home,

in the evening a read and a sherry,

the orchids putting on a good show,

well two of them anyway,

this one particularly nice,

for our starter a thick country vegetable soup with diced ham,

steak for our main course,

with a few trimmings,

this weeks flowers looked nice,

and unusually had a thistle,

for the first time since we have been back,

time to tuck into chocolate cake with brandy and cream,

next for us some popcorn to snack on as we watched a Midsomer Murder before we were off to bed.

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