Saturday, 1 January 2022

We Have Often Seen Steam Punk Fashions,

like these,

we saw all of these,

when we were in Venice,

back in March 2018,

so we are no strangers to the genre,

I mentioned at the time,

I could not believe the amount if work that had gone into this backpack, if you want to see more of our trip,

 and other splendid costumes,

 the parade of the Steam Punks is towards the end of the post, all of the above photographs by, wait for it, me!

and I should get back to the post I was writing, from here on in all photographs Dmitry Bragin, who is a Ukrainian artist who specializes in steampunk masks that make the wearer look more machine than man,

the talented artist starts off with a flimsy plastic mask that’s easy to shape as his base and adds all sorts of decorative elements to it in order to transform it into the wearable wonders,

the materials in his arsenal range from motorcycle parts and discarded camera lenses to metallic children’s toys, 

Bragin’s steampunk-inspired masks look 100% metallic, but that is only an illusion created with the help of metallic paint,

many of the components in the mask are actually lightweight, making it a lot easier and comfortable to wear. It’s the paint that gives the impressive-looking accessory its weighty, vintage appearance,

if you want to keep up with Bragin’s steampunk-inspired masks have a look here, or at his etsy shop

as it happens on another day in Venice, we had our own masks, very scary dairy!

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