Friday, 14 January 2022

And Now For Something Completely Different,

when it come to home lighting,

all photographs courtesy of Nikita Anokhin

who is a St. Petersburg-based designer that uses the industrial, streamlined architecture that populated much of Soviet-era Russia in his functional home goods,

based on the iconic Brezhnevka complexes, Anokhin’s plywood and concrete lamps are comprised of multiple stories of conformist features, including angular balconies and rows of tall windows,

each contains tiny, multi-colored LED lights that illuminate the individual apartments,

you can buy your own mini apartment light on Anokhin’s Etsy

also it is worth mentioning if the Russian building is your style of decoration, 

small concrete planters are based on Khrushchevka and the round buildings on Nezhinskaya Street in Moscow, how neat is that?

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