Saturday, 8 January 2022

Diana Was At Work,

for myself I went out,

for a walk to the club,

looking through the wire, nobody playing tennis today,

the pitch still being protected whilst the new grass gets established,

I popped in to have a chat with Robert over a couple of pints,

pints finished I made my way home,

to have my evening read and sherry, 'Cheers!',

Diana had bought home a box of Chinese food,

next I was out to meet up with Steve, so out of the park, tonight a change of venue,

I went to the 227 bus stop by the Italian restaurant,

and meet Steve in the Moon & Stars in Penge, when by sheer happenstance I bumped into our next door neighbours Stephine and Dayfdd, after putting the world to rights and a few pints later I was on my way home,

off of the bus and past the churchyard,

into the park and home,

where I was just in time for a Ocelot chocolate with Diana,

 which was one of the ones in this selection that we had bought from Ocelot in Edinburgh, as we watched a New Tricks before we were off to bed.

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