Sunday, 2 January 2022

I Guess We Have All Heard Of Elephants Eating Fruit That Has Dropped To The Ground,

the fruit had fermented and turned to alcohol, 

which then got the elephants drunk when they ate the fallen fruit, so why the photograph of a parrot by KittyKat79/Flickr? well, because the drunken elephants of Africa story is a total hoax! it is surprising how many people fall for it, but it is a fact that Red-winged parrots in Western Australia’s Kimberley region are allegedly “flying under the influence”, mangoes are particularly sugar-rich, and can produce relatively high levels of alcohol as they ferment, humans are unlikely to consume fruits that have reached a certain fermentation point because they have a mushy texture and a taste that is no longer considered pleasant, but to red-winged parrots, a mango is a mango, even if the ethanol level in it is likely to get them drunk, “Once the fruits are ripe, the next phase will be fermentation where the sugars will take the pathway to become alcohol and that process makes the aroma compounds volatile which attract the birds and other animals,” Doctor Michael Considine, an Associate Professor in Plant Molecular Biology at the University of Western Australia told

Paul Murphy, a veterinarian at Broome Veterinary Hospital, in the town of Broome, told reporters that about a half dozen “tipsy” red-winged parrots had been brought in over the past few days. These were the lucky ones, as many others reportedly died before they could be rescued, either flying into hard obstacles, being run over by cars, or being too drunk to escape predators, “So far, we’ve seen about half a dozen in total, but there are a lot of them, unfortunately, that don’t make it to the clinic because they pass away before people find them,” Murphy said. “Usually, they’ve been suffering for a couple of days. That’s generally when people are able to pick them up and catch them. They’re quite lethargic and at various stages of malnutrition.” apparently, it’s not the alcohol itself killing the birds, but the drunken behavior it induces, parrots have been reported flying into windows, or walking around aimlessly, without worrying about cats and other predators, drunk parrots, who would have thought it?


jpo5626 said...

Stan and Diana-the 🦜 parrots have nothing on us. We get a very nice bubbly moscato and mango sparkling wine that is great for brunch. Called “Mama mango” produced by AZ.I.VI.S.I.Spa of Canelli(AT) Italy. Label calls it MAMAMANGO an aromatized wine-product cocktail It is pretty tasty! Sure is a fresh and different bubbly.
We had some with Brunch today honoring Alley’s 46th birthday. Happy New Year and watch the sky for mango eating parrots!
John and Alley

PattayaStan said...

Dear John and Alley, it sounds great, I have done a search for it over here, a number of retailers come up, but when I go to their web sites they do not stock it, oh well, never mind, strange thing is I always see floating pink elephants in the sky, not parrots! Happy birthday Alley, and best wishes to all for the New Year.