Saturday, 1 January 2022

At The 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance,

a long forgotten 1934 BMW R7 was presented,

all photographs Courtesy of NMoto Studio, the motorcycle had been stashed away and, presumably, forgotten about for more than 70 years, after its rediscovery in 2005, the one-of-a-kind motorcycle was painstakingly restored by BMW Group Classic, also at the show was Alex Niznik, a self-professed serial entrepreneur, “When I saw the R7 for the first time,” Niznik says, “I fell in love with it right there and then.” after finding himself retired the entrepreneur amassed a team of engineers, metal shapers, mechanics, painters, and managers to oversee what he calls “the rebirth of the mythological R7.”

and so the NMoto Studio, a Miami-based company was born from those efforts, and the NMoto Nostalgia is the modern-day motorcycle that teems with vintage BMW appeal. “Because the R7 never reached production and most people did not see or hear about it, it definitely stirred an unprecedented interest for this type of bike,” Niznik explains. “It’s mind-boggling that the R7, built in 1934, was designed with aesthetic appeal that is still relevant to riders and buyers of motorcycles today.”

utilizing the current BMW R NineT model as its foundation, the NMoto Nostalgia incorporates classically styled body panels and 96 handcraft parts, 74 of which are built by Nmoto’s team of engineers and designers. “I didn’t want to recreate the original R7; my main goal was to bring timeless design to a modern platform,” Niznik says. “With supreme speed and maneuverability, the R NineT serves as the perfect base for the Nostalgia project. As a heritage motorcycle, it’s the ancestor of the R7 and maintains that family line. It’s modern, fast, and comfortable, with a legendary air-cooled, 1,170 cc Bavarian boxer engine. The 110 hp engine, six-speed gearbox, traction control, and anti-lock braking system are all modern improvements to the line that help the Nostalgia compete with—and surpass—today’s motorcycles.”

the NMoto Nostalgia is a low-production motorcycle, which means only a limited number will be produced each month. Available in 11 color combinations, the bike also offers opportunities for customization, including adjustable steering and alterations to the motorcycle’s luggage box, passenger seat, and seat trim finish, it is difficult to give a price as there are so many options, so the best advice is to go to their custom page and build your own motorcycle, would I like one? You bet!

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