Thursday, 31 October 2013

First Stop For The Morning,

was the fishing tackle shop,

 we are off fishing tomorrow, then to the bank,

 and finally Tesco Lotus,

 where of course after some shopping we just had to have an ice cream,

 Diana went with one of the monthly specials,

 I decided on the colt tower,

 I am not quiet sure why it is so named, 

 but both were delicious,

 in the afternoon I planted another seed tray,

 making another mess on the coffee table,

 and loosing more seeds,

 as yet again I had the fan too close to me,

 so second tray planted,

 with a CD acting hopefully as a bird scarer,

 I had barely finished playing with the seeds than Mr. Tony arrived we were off to Ali Baba for our evening meal,

 Diana looking as lovely as ever, after our poppadoms our chicken chat arrived,

 followed by some prawn puris,

 which were delicious,

 after a suitable break, it was time for the main course,

 we had ordered chicken tikka masala, chicken dopiaza, aloo gobi, onion bhaji, peas pilau rice, plus some nam and puri bread,

mine, all mine! Diana sad jokingly, we finished our meal and after saying our goodbyes to Mr. Tony watched some Storage Wars after a few of those we rounded off the evening with some from Cheers, then for us we were off to bed.

Today's The Day,

that marks the 75th. anniversary of Orson Welles' broadcast that panicked many in the U.S.A.

the New York Daily News front page from Oct. 31, 1938 tells the story of when the Mercury Theater on the Air enacted a Martian invasion of Earth, 'upwards of a million people, [were] convinced, if only briefly, that the United States was being laid waste by alien invaders,' narrator Oliver Platt informs us in the new PBS documentary commemorating the program,

the problem, arose because rather like today when people switch television channels many people that switched over to the Mercury Theater on the Air radio station missed the opening disclaimer, it seems strange that we only watched the DVD War of the Worlds last night.

With More People Riding Pedal Bikes These Days,

I thought this was a neat idea,

it is called the Bitlock, the lock senses your proximity and identifies you as you come within 3 feet of your bike (as long as BitLock application is running in the background on your phone), so no more lost keys or endless searches to find them, the device is a keyless bike lock which looking at it could be used for other items that could easily be stolen, 

also another selling point that is neat is that with modern phones with just a few days of batterey life if you batterey dies the BitLock app can optionally generate a 16 digit binary code for you when you register the lock and finally a feature that I would be bound to use, the lock records your bike location as you lock it and using your phone GPS (if the battery has not died) and allows you to locate your bike on the map, well I thought it was neat.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

First Thing Shopping,

we are out of a few bits and pieces,

 so we were off to Friendship,

 to buy everything we need for a few salads,

 as it was market day Pattaya Tai was every so often at a complete standstill,

 I popped over to the Kodak shop, as I wanted a few pictures printed,

 the marine aquarium as good as ever,

the Regal tang taking centre stage as usual, 

 just swimming past this bubble coral,

in the afternoon I decided to make a start on potting some seeds I had bought in the plant market opposite the Bangkok Pattaya hospital, the seeds are of Venus fly traps, to grow them it appears you need some Sphagnum moss as the potting medium, the pack I bought at the market (above) was 160 baht, the reason I have put off planting them now is that the seeds and plants die if you water them with tap water, so now we are back I can give them RO water every day,

 the front room turned into a Blue Peter set, first add the dried moss to water,

after it has swelled with water add it to the pots,

 Blue Peter by the way was a UK program that got kids Nationwide turning all manner of household waste into projects to make normally using string scissors and glue,

 having made the project the mess would be left for Mums and Dads to clear up!

 so all the pots filled,

 it was time to put the seeds in,

 the trouble was the pesky things were so small,

 I knew they were small,

 but even the slight breeze from the fan meant the first few were lost forever, if you look carefully you might just see a seed between my finger and thumb,

 there were a few varieties so I labelled each pot,

 I know I could have bought the full sized plants but at 600- 800 baht for one plant the seeds were a much cheaper option,

 to give you and idea of how small the seeds are the black bits on the white piece of paper are the seeds, I read on the Internet that the best way to grow these is to put them in 3" pots, that way if they grew they would not need transplanting for 2 years or so,

 so here they are by the water pump,
 I had a few seeds left over, so I will sow the rest tomorrow, germination time I have read is in the 3-4 months time frame, oh the excitement!,

in the evening after my salad we watched The War of the Worlds, the 1953 version which we both enjoyed, the only slight problem was that the book was set in the UK, in Sudbury as it happens, the reason Wells chose Sudbury was that when he did a lecture there he found that he was very poorly receive  so the book being set there was his idea of payback time,

next Dead in Tombstone which could have been a good movie, but it failed miserably and became a B movie in no time, as an example there is a heavy stage coach being chased by the bad guys, the problem is the horses the bad guys are ridding are just slowly trotting so they will not catch the stage coach, I will not even mention from how many camera angles the same scene of the Gatling gun is positioned out side the saloon, moving on we watched a few more of Cheers, then for us we were off to bed.

It Had To Happen Again!

like myself there is at least one worker,

in Carlisle that can not spell, contractors have corrected the mistake, which appeared last week, free of charge and Cumbria County Council has apologized, the shame, oh the shame of not being able to spell.

We Always Ask Lots Of Questions When We Buy A Mobile Phone,

but how many of us ask the really important questions, like 'will it stop a bullet?'

well one Hess gas station clerk was thankful his did as authorities say he may only have survived the shooting thanks to the HTC EVO 3D handset sitting in his front shirt pocket, 

he sustained minor injuries though the shooter is still at large, police told local Orange County news station WFTV the assailant entered the gas station yesterday morning and asked for help from the clerk before quickly pulling out a revolver and demanding access to the safe, when both employees present were unable to open the safe the would-be robber left, but not before firing a shot towards the clerk, which hit him in the abdomen but was blocked by his smartphone,

and now even better news for the clerk, following the news, HTC sent the unnamed clerk a brand new HTC One to replace his destroyed smartphone, what a great advertising slogan, 'our phone's are so tough they will stop a speeding bullet!'

The Advertisement,

was quite good,

till I read the bit, w/2 glass eyes, allowing for typo errors what did the writer mean?