Saturday, 31 March 2012

As There Was Nothing Interesting, Amusing Or Just Plain Weird in the news today,

it is straight on to the blog,

 first thing Nick and Maureen called in for a tea and a chat,

 along with Ta-Taa,

 who wanted a little bit of attention,

after our guests had left we drove to the livestock show,

 which was held in the stadium in Soi Chayapreuk 2,

 the last show was open air in Nagluha, but this year it was decided to be held undercover,

the event is organised by Pattaya City Hall, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Beef Cattle Association of Thailand and the Brahman Breeding Facilitated Association,

 outside there were many stalls selling cowboy/girl products,

 and inside lots of beef,

 there was a central ring,

 where the competition was held, I am guessing best of show/breed etc,

 some of the cattle here were enormous,

 but on to the show,

 the cattle were led around then I guess points were given for look/size etc,

 I asked Diana to stroke one, but I think she was a bit put off in case it bit her,

 as far as Diana was concerned this was close enough!

 each breeder had a selection on show, both in the ring and at his/her stall,

 mostly individuals, but occasionally a heifer and calf were on display,

 I am not sure about the age of this one,

 but it looks cute,

 I have to admit every time I look at this breed,

it always reminds me of a breed of dog called a Shar-Pei, the dog that seems to have to much skin so it is all wrinkly,

 it was day one of the show so a few exhibitors had not yet completed their stalls,

 well more than a few,

 the stadium itself was quiet large, by now it was time for a coffee, so we had a quick break from walking around,

 as well as the cattle there were a few stalls featuring accessories like this one,

 also looking at these containers a fertilisation service,

 it was amazing to see the care the owners lavished on their cows, although undercover this cow had its own sleeping tent,

 the next selection of competitors are getting ready before entering the show ground,

 and the show is on,

 each owner making sure the animal is at its best,

 as more cattle were being exhibited we made our way outside,

 to look at the marching band rehearsals,

 I am not sure when they will be playing as there was not a programme available,

 but when they are dressed in their uniforms they are sure to look good,

 on the way back we called in at Makro's for some wine and a few bits and pieces,

 also to Wattana,

 to pick up our now hopefully repaired lap top,

 after we arrived back Mark called round,

 as did Steve,

 when our guests had left we made our way to the weekend market,

 where I remembered the speck of dirt on the camera lens, I must take it to the repair shop,

 mercifully Toyota had not hired the space opposite the bar this evening, so no music loud enough to make your ears bleed tonight!

 the pet section was quiet busy,

 sunset over the market,

 the bar had a few customers when I arrived back,

 whilst sitting at the bar from Noi from Jack Levy's office walked past so we said hello,

 opposite the bar tonight was a couple of stalls selling clothes,

 Diana had just returned from buying Mike a birthday present when Brian arrived,

 along with Sa and some of her relatives,

 Mr. Tony also called in for a chat,

 then we were off for Mikes birthday party at Margaritaville in Sio Rungland, we were all there, Slim Jim, birthday boy Mike and Jay,

 along with the ladies,

 Riza in the middle though I do not know the other ladies names,

 a view of the bar, 

 and the last guest to leave outside,

 also there was a very happy Glen with his new girlfriend Thel, then home to 388,

 during the day and in the evening we watched The Bounty, everyone of course knows the story, but this film looks at the story more from Bligh's side than other films have,

then a real oldie, the original version was in black and white, this version has been recoloured, Scrooge, made in 1951 it was for its time a great movie,

we then watched the second bluray in the Frozen Planet series, what a treat, also I was astounded to learn that there was a previously unknown species of penguin, but more of that tomorrow, for now we were off to bed.