Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Only One Very Late Post Today,

and as there are lots of photographs I have split it into 2 parts,

all made up and ready to go,

a pose from both of us,

before we were out of the park,

and on a number 54 bus,

hurtling towards Peter Pan's pool,

and passing Catford bus garage,

and into Catford itself,

and the big cat,

I always comment as we pass this building, for as far back as I can remember this building is always being worked on, and still is!

we were soon in Lewisham,

going past the open air market,

selling all manner of things,

we arrived in Blackheath village,

as always I had a look at the florists,

the last time we were here I lamented the loss of the sign that was here, I had hoped that by now it had been returned, sadly it appear it is lost in a private collection forever,

I photograph I took of the sign more than a few visits ago,

naturally Diana just had to call in here,

but a no sale today,

one of the reasons for our visit today was in the hope that the greengrocers here would have cob nuts or chestnuts, we have bought both here a few times before at this time of the year,

and we were not disappointed, both chestnuts,

and cob nuts were here for sale,

Diana hand picked each chestnut, whilst I just grabbed a few random handfuls of cob nuts,

we had come prepared with a bag,

up the hill to the book shop,

still alas closed, I fear now forever,

on to the heath,

where we saw this sign, all the fun of the circus, I remember back in the 1950s being taken to a circus, all of the lions, tigers, sea lions and elephants, what a show I will never forget,

over the heath,

looking back to the church,

a quick pose,

as a break in the clouds illuminated some of the houses on the far side of the heath,

and here was the circus,

Diana mentioned that she would like to go, so one time when she is not working nights to the big top we will go!

looking back the sun was trying to break through,

nearly there,

into Greenwich park, past the gate house,

the long or short way to the top of the hill?

the short way it was then,

not many people in the park, which was fine by us,

a few poses,

it really was windy,

that's better!

a quick rest,

the trees reluctantly giving up their summer coats,

we both fancied a coffee,

so in we went,

a latte each,

as they say, just what the doctor ordered!

the café catered for all guests,

whilst drinking our coffees, Diana noticed a photographer placing conkers on the railings,

and here they are, the shame of it all is that whilst picking up conkers he dropped his camera,

which hopefully was not damaged,

a close up of the nuts,

in the distance,

and the masts of the Cutty Sark,

to the right,

the old power station,

and the O2,

before we started down,

a few poses,

we more than a few,

one more,

and we were on our way down,

where Diana made a slight mistake, she posed just a tad too close to the stinging nettles that lined the pathway,

luckily I had my coat on,

arriving at the bottom of the hill,

Thames Water were digging up a part of the park to put new water pipes in, I have to say digging up old areas like this I always wonder what antiquities might be dug up,

the park gates,

we had them all to ourselves,

something that does not happen often,

we made our way towards the Cutty Sark,

passing one of the public houses gardens,

into the square, and there it was,

another branch of Diana's favourite shops, Oliver Bonas,

as we made our way into the market I noticed not only had a book shop closed, also the one that sold maps, both antique and modern had also closed for good,

the Now You See Me 2 pubit was used as a backdrop in Now You See Me 2, a film we both enjoyed by the way,

if you are, hungry and want some real good 'ole English grub, look no further than Goddard's at Greenwich

into the covered market,

not many stalls here today, or customers come to that,

another one of those Citroen vans that seem to be most popular with mobile takeaway's,

in fact there were two of them,

side by side,

back into the open,

the Cutty Sark as a backdrop,

I remember my Grandmother bringing me here when I was only 6 or 7 years old, it seemed so much nicer then, 

the pedestrian tunnel in the distance the other end of it on the far side of the Thames, which we walked through way back in 2010,

a last look at the figure head,

and we are off, past the pedestrian tunnel entrance to the ticket office, for our tickets to Canary Wharf and the Embankment,

on to the jetty,

all settled inside,

this is not the sightseeing boat,

this is the fast Uber water taxi,

which we had to ourselves,

a quick pose, 

or two,

I was mystified by this flag at the front of the boat, it turns out watching the inboard television it is in aid of black awareness month, I am so, so looking forward to White Awareness Month, does anyone know when that will be?

we had to really slow down as we passed these tugs and barges,

nobody wants to rock the boat!

we are nearing Canary Wharf, I will now stop this half of the post, if you would like to see the other half of our day and evening please click the Older Posts button at the right on the bottom of the page.