Sunday, 20 June 2021

I Had A Quiet Day,

as it happens I spent a lot of it going through paperwork,

I remember when computers first started to get popular, some people were saying that computers will be the death of the paper industry, all I know that far from being paper free, I seem to accumulate so much paper I could have a very respectable fire on bonfire night with just the amount I have collected over the previous year! in the evening a read and a sherry, 'Cheers!',

I finished the smoked salmon and prawn cocktail from last night,

eyes down and tuck in,

for my main course,

a Chinese style chicken curry with egg fried rice,

it was just getting dark when Diana called, so through the park,

to the bus stop and we were soon home, 

with a spiced rum for myself and a coffee for Diana, then feet up for Kingsman, The Golden: Circle, looking through a few films to watch tonight I found this one in 4K, we had watched it before but still found it great fun, as it was now just past midnight for us we were off to bed.

An 18th Birthday Is Such A Joyous Occasion,

with staff singing “Happy Birthday” and even serving cake and soda in your honour,

the staff involved in the celebration sung Happy Birthday for Paulo, poured Coca Cola, and even had him cut a cake they bought for him, and serve the second slice to his mother, who is watching the scene unfold, did I mention that one Paulo Rodrigo das Neves, from Brazil’s Rio Grande do Norte region, whose birthday it was, had been caught on camera stealing sound equipment and other parts from people’s cars? and the 'staff' were police officers waiting until his 18th birthday, so he could be arrested as an adult?

his Mum must have been so proud of him, what a great way to name and sham a really big 'Well Done', to the police, hopefully this social shock will help him mend his ways, “We can’t pass up a date like this,” the police officer filming can be heard ironically saying, as two of his colleagues at the 5th Civil Police Precinct of Macau help set the table for the birthday boy, Paulo Rodrigo das Neves doesn’t seem to happy with the situation, He is spending his 18th birthday in police custody, being made fun of, in the words of Battery Sergeant Major Williams, “Oh dear, how sad, never mind” a pity more of this does not happen when potential career criminals come of age.

Worldwide, We Are Trying To Move Away From Single Use Plastics,

but in Japan there are over 50,000 convenience stores, 

and each is stocked daily with plastic bento boxes, with implements in them being single use, the containers often come in a numerous shapes and sizes, which not only takes up space in the trash but also creates confusion around separating what gets recycled and what does not,

but what if these plastic boxes could be made of a different material and could be recycled?

that was the idea behind CYQL PROJECT, an initiative by graphic designer Kenya Hara’s Nippon Design Centre, to propose an alternative to Japan’s massive single-use plastics industry,

the resulting bento box is a minimal, understated design, and aside from the lid and chopsticks, it’s made from just a single sheet of paper whose form takes inspiration from origami,

it folds open and then collapses flat again, helping facilitate a more sustainable process from usage to disposal,

you can watch the video above for more of the process, as an aside you can also reach out to CYQL PROJECT if you’re a business owner interested in trying out the paper bento boxes, what a neat way to dispose of the use of plastic.

It Is A Sad Fact,

that many fools think that rhinoceros horn,

has magical or medical powers, meaning that the trade in their horns is always encouraging poachers to kill rhinoceroses and remove their horns, photograph Rhisotope Project, thankfully one answer to stop this vile trade is to make the horns traceable, the Rhisotope Project is an innovative effort by conservationists to fight back, scientists propose to inject radioactive isotopes inside the horns of living rhinoceroses, thus making the horns trackable if removed and smuggled, from the Rhisotope website,

The aim of the project is to investigate and establish whether it is possible to place radioactive isotopes into the horn of a rhino to curb rhino poaching and significantly lower demand reduction in places such as Vietnam and China, two of the biggest consumers of rhino horn, this pioneering research is headed up by Professor James Larkin who is Director of The Radiation and Health Physics Unit (RHPU) at the University of the Witwatersrand, He is also the Chairman of the university’s NIH mandated Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and is a past chairman of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) International Nuclear Security Education Network (INSEN). together, with our partners, we will provide solutions to significantly reduce rhino poaching and demand reduction through the safe application of radioisotopes and radiation research, 

the hope being that any horn or shipping containers that contain them will be easy to trace, as they go through any of the radiation detectors used at borders and ports around the world, I wish the project every success.

Saturday, 19 June 2021

I Am Just Making A Couple Of Posts Today,

of Thursday's trip to see Duncan and Friday,

which started out with a English breakfast, Diana was closing tonight so she had a late start to work,

so it was 'Cheers!', with a mug of tea, after Diana left for work it was time for me to do the weekly shopping, normally I fire on all cylinders, but today I must have hit the 'forget' button, as I walked to town my neck was cold, after this mornings shower I had forgotten to put on my cravat, reaching in my coat pocket I also found that I had forgotten my camera! still on entering Sainsburys the good news was that I remembered my mask, but it was just a pity I had forgotten to pick up a pound coin, so I could use a trolley, as luck would have it one of the assistants unlocked a trolley for me, but crickey forgetting three things in one morning, that is not like me at all,

in the evening I remembered it was time for a read and a sherry, so memory seems to be back on the ball,

for tonight rolls of smoked salmon with half a pot of prawn cocktail,

for my main course a huge cottage pie, I was so full I could not even manage a few grapes as a dessert,

after my meal I was going to meet Steve at the club, by now the grey misty rain had stopped,

I walked towards Foxgrove Lodge, everything just seemed to be so grey, and it was supposed to be summer!

at the lodge the roses over the entrance,

past their best,

arriving at the club there was no game tonight, however inside was packed, England was playing football against Scotland, I will not mention the score, just in case you have not watched the match, we chatted the night away, Steve kindly dropped me off home, where it was feet up for a New Tricks, then down to the bus stop to pick Diana up, arriving home it was feet up for a coffee and a chat, as I have now caught up I will start to post as normal tomorrow, with odd things that we find interesting, amusing or just plain weird, next for us, we were off to bed.

Off To See Duncan,

yesterday was so nice and bright and sunny,

 I had my shorts and summer shirt all laid out for today's visit to see Duncan, but what a change in the weather, long trousers and waterproof jacket was the order of the day, 

arriving at Bromley South, the weather was miserable,

the same route we took yesterday, but for myself getting off at Rainham instead of Whitstable, it was a shame for some of the day trippers going to the seaside that the weather had changed so much overnight,

Steve kindly picked me up from the station,

we then picked up Alan, we spent the afternoon chatting away to Duncan,

after we said our farewells, and dropping off Alan it was to the station for myself,

beside which were some converted oast houses,

the Victoria train for myself arrived after just a few minuets,

the Russian submarine in the River Medway, a bit grey in the fine drizzle,

shortly after I arrived home, so did Diana, 

and not 10 minuets later so did the Indian meal that Diana ordered arrive at home,

after poppadum's, lamb samosas, 

and a King prawn puri for starters,

it was time for a 'Cheers!',

for our meal tonight, chicken tikka masala, chicken manchoori and lamb passanda,

aloo gobi, mushroom and peas rice, along with a garlic naan completed our meal, delicious! next it was feet up for a Midsomer Murder and a New Ticks before we were off to bed.

Friday, 18 June 2021

I Am Only Making One Post Today,

as there are lots of photographs,

of our day out to Whitstable

we were soon leaving Whitstable station behind us,

as we made our way to the beach,

as well as a fishing port and centre for growing oysters, it is a depot for aggregates and gravel,

the legend,

we were soon walking past some of the portside cafes,

at the moment it was low water, the tide will be in at 4 o'clock this afternoon,

but the low tide did not stop the boats on the quay being unloaded,

a very early design of lifeboat, now now longer used but it is kept as a heritage craft,

one of the larger cafes quayside,

the harbour mouth,

unloading continues,

along with new supplies being brought onboard,

we then chanced on a film crew,

this one an interviewer was giving the low down,

but there was not just one film crew,

there were lots of them,

all over the place,

filming artists,

on the quayside,

we continued our walk, I was tempted with the whelks, 

looking back at the artists being filmed,

as we made our past some of the net drying buildings that had been converted into shops,

the harbour at low water,

the aggregate buildings in the distance,

we decided to walk the west part of the beach first,

we had not been to this part of the beach on our last visit,

the beach itself all pebbles,

there was also another arm of the harbour here, 

with more than its fair share of artists,

they could not have picked a better day,

there were so many of them,

that fact and the number of film crews in the area,

something was going on, but what?

this artist was chatting to a member of the public,

he mentioned that so far,

he had lost 2 tubes of paint to marauding seagulls! it seems that there are a few styles of painting, standing up,

or sitting down being the obvious choices,

the choice of subject seems to be looking out to sea or along the coast,

the third choice is looking inland at the boats and houses on the shore, the view,

and the painting,

this artist had a slightly different approach,

although difficult to see, she had used cardboard, both plain and corrugated to give her paintings depth,

a look along the coast that we were going to walk along,

the beach itself pebbles and shingle, then unfortunately mud,

looking across the beached boats towards the arm of the harbour where the artists were painting,

day yachts parked up, I have to say sailing using wind as a power source has never appealed to myself, my idea of sailing goes along the line of "full ahead both, and bring me a pink gin!',

some of the oyster beds that Whitstable is so famous for, the history of the Whitstable Oyster Company goes back 400 years, and had recently been faced with closure and the loss of 200 local jobs, the council jobswortths have decided to tell the company to remove nets, from land the company legally owns! a classic case of the local council working for the community, not,

the beds seem to go on for miles,

these are repurposed fisherman's hut, great if you fancy staying here for a few days or even a week or two,

we walked along the beach front footpath,

more oyster beds,

I made a quick panorama, what a glorious day, not a cloud in sight,

looking back at the oyster beds,

we had arrived,

all of that walking was thirsty work!

we chose a table right at the front of the beach,

looking back to the harbour,

a coke for Diana, a cold white wine for myself,

and we were on our way back towards the harbour,

we walked back past the groynes,

and some holiday homes,

with a nice selection,

of salt resistant plants,

we were soon back at the harbour,

when we saw this,

so that is what all of the artist and film crews were all about!

I must remember to pack this piece of kit next time I want to make a video!

by now the tide had come in,

a quick pose, 

looking over the harbour wall this boat was unloading,

its catch of fresh sea bass,

for those of a nautical nature trips around the bay are to be had,

times here,

the legend of the harbour,

the life boat now clear of the mud,

along the quayside,

lots of small huts have been set up,

for souvenirs,

along with arts and crafts,

and of course eateries,

we passed out of the harbour,

and along to the west beach,

and there it was, the same open air restaurant over looking the sea we ate at the last time we were here,

in and upstairs we went,

almost where we sat the last time we were here,


a chilled white wine for myself, a J2O orange for Diana,

the Savoy next door,

although difficult to see, there were about 20 or more wind powered generators out at sea, not a single one working, thank heavens for nuclear power!

well that is the dessert sorted!

we both had cod and chips the bill came to £42.00,

there is a no swimming are near here for boats to call into the beach,

we stared our walk along the beach,

I have to admit I tweaked the colour of this photograph a tad,

a quick sit down,

before we were on our way again,

just the slightest touch of cloud,

one of the beach hut owners tidying it up for the summer with a new caot of paint,

and there were lots of huts here,

in both directions,

we passed the hotel,

and just had to stop for a ice cream, we made our way back to the station,

and soon arrived home in sunny Beckenham, feet up a for a few of our favourites, a Midsomer Murder, and a New Tracks, it is strange, we had a quiet relaxing day, but we were both so tired, so for us we were then off to bed.