Monday, 6 December 2021

As Diana Had To Work This Afternoon,

we decided on our Sunday meal out,

so it was glad rags on,

a couple of selfies,

and we were on our way,

after another couple of selfies of course!

still in the park I noticed this beauty, a Thruxton Bonneville R,

the riders view, yours for around about £12,000 with a few bits and pieces added on, do I want one? you bet!

we continued through the park to the number 54 bus stop, it was unfortunately a grey day, and cold,

we soon arrived at The Elm Tree in Elmers End,

a quick pose,

and it was inside by the tree,

to start with a latte coffee for Diana,

a sherry for myself,


on to our starters,

we both choose the same, king prawns in a gallic sauce,

for our main course, Diana choose the roast belly of pork,

it was huge, as was my turkey and gammon ham, we were so full we did not order a dessert, the bill came to £70.00, next coats on,

and out into the cold! arriving home we had a sit down before Diana had to leave for work, so for myself it was a Sunday afternoon film fest, 

 one of my favourites, Fracture, I have written about it so many times, and the rolling ball sculpture that features in it, suffice to say I really enjoyed watching it again, next,

7 Days in May, a great all star cast in this thriller, Diana returned home, so it was a coffee and feet up for her, a spiced rum for myself as we settled down to watch,

 the 1960s Psycho, that she wanted to watch, so that was it for the evening, after that we were off to bed.

Seeing The Triumph Thruxton R,

in our post reminded me of this,

just a couple of days ago the new Gold Star was first shown, it is a modern day replica of a very famous brand and model, formally a 500cc B.S.A. Gold Star, photographs MCN,

the new replica is still the BSA brand, now owned by The Mahindra Group - one of Asia’s largest automotive and engineering conglomerates,

available five colours, the A2-compliant machine is powered by a 652cc single-cylinder DOHC engine, producing a claimed 45bhp at 6000rpm and 41ftlb of torque at 4000rpm.

the motorcycle runs on Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tyres, which wrap around the 18in front and 17in rear 36-spoke rims – with braking power provided by a single 320mm front and 255mm rear disc with Brembo calipers and two channel ABS.

just a shame as far as I am concerned that it is water cooled, the radiator at the front of the engine really looks nasty compared to the original air cooled motorcycle, but there it is, hopefully available next year priced it is expected between £5,000 - £6,000, would I like one? yes please! now will the company please make a air cooled modern version of a Vincent? please!

Keeping To A Transport Theme,

last month, the chief of Japan’s Toyota Motors, 

 Akio Toyoda, attended a race that demonstrated an experimental hydrogen vehicle, photograph REUTERS/Bobby Yip, a Mirai fuel cell vehicle by Toyota is displayed at China's International Automobile Exhibition in Guangzhou, China, this new vehicle is powered by hydrogen, bur here is the twist, the vehicle contained a traditional gasoline-powered engine that had been converted to run on hydrogen. "The enemy is carbon, not internal combustion engines,” Toyoda said. “We shouldn't just focus on one technology but make use of the technologies we already possess." Toyota recently launched the second-generation model of its Mirai hydrogen vehicle and has plans to offer several more models in the coming years, in Germany, BMW and Volkswagen Group are both developing hydrogen-powered passenger vehicles along with a series of new EVs. in more news about all battery cars the expense of them is set to rise, 

photograph by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images, prices for battery grade lithium carbonate have gone up 300 per cent in the last year, reaching $28,765, while prices for nickel and cobalt have registered a 62.4 per cent growth year-on-year. Lithium supply shortages are also to blame for the price surge, as experts believe they will continue in the next few years. “Battery makers appear set to pass on lithium price increases to the automotive manufacturers and other downstream customers, which could have a major impact on electric vehicles coming to market between 2022 and 2024,” the agency told the outlet, go green, go clean, go hydrogen!

Sunday, 5 December 2021

A Busy Day, Firstly To A Stamp Fair,

and then to Dicken's day in Rochester,

but first two pieces of bad news, Diana had to work this weekend so she could not join me, secondly there are so many photographs I am only making one post today, so here goes, out of the park,

and a number 54 bus to Azelia Hall for the stamp show,

it was great looking around, but there was nothing to tempt me in the collection I already have,

back on the bus to the station and a train to Bromley South,

changing to go across the River Medway to Rochester,

I made my way through to the High Street,

where crowds were being told about the history of the town,

it is a special weekend,

so period dress is the order of the day,

but wait, what is this?

the Sons of the Desert,

roll out their magic carpet to perform,

their up till now inner most secret hat dance, to the accompaniment of a live band,

hats are exchanged,

as the tempo quickens,

one mistake and the routine is ruined,

but honed with years of secret practise all goes well,

the dance leads to a climax,

much to everyone's enjoyment, and then as if by magic,

one dancer has all of the hats,

which then get thrown into the air, great fun,

the noise attracted the local policeman,

but all was well for the next routine, 

if you want to see the Sons of the Dessert in action, they are in a short video at the end of my visit to Rochester,

all along the High Street,

there were a number of performers,

these two looked very sinister,

all I had was a pretend pint to hold,

if Diana was here she would be first in the queue for these cakes!

if you have never been to Rochester it is an old town,

with its history going back to 43AD,

the shops appeared to be doing a roaring trade,

yes I was tempted!

back to the shops, queues everywhere,

this one nicely decorated,

one of the florists in the High Street,

looking in this shop window,

I remember the first fort I was bought when I was about 5 or 6 years old, I wonder who will be the lucky chap and find this one under the tree?

every so often the street became really crowded,

a nice Christmas display,

I continued walking to the far end of the street,

meeting people dressed in costume on the way,

I am guessing that a large number of people made their own costumes,

certainly the time, money and effort that has obviously gone into them is impressive,

like these three,

more chocolate cake for Diana,

then a slightly risqué offer, would I like to see this ladies bloomers?

how could I possibly refuse!

a very military couple,

and youngster,

I had by now turned around and was making my way back to the castle, past these two who had a new drinking buddy,

I was tempted yet again,

and then snow!

lots of it,

it was such good fun for everyone,

Crazy Captain was here as well,

I then bumped into some more people in character costumes,

some from the French Revolution,

there is something special that links this couple, the lady, Victoria, not only made her own dress, but made all of her partners clothes as well,

a not very good try at making the photograph look in the same period,

and here is Victoria,

I tried to fog out the background,

then make a black and white,

and again try to give the photograph a vintage look, 

if you need any further details,

here they are,

I passed another florists,

before bumping into the fire brigade,

all decked out,

in uniforms of the period,

the castle,

where one of the Sons of the Dessert was buying some refreshments,

there were so many stalls selling food and drinks,

but I was more interested in this,

a brass and silver band,

I have also included a short piece of the band playing in the video at the end of my visit,

a couple of lovely ladies,

it was quite crowded at the cathedral entrance,

but not in the building itself,

looking back down the hill, I walked down it,

taking photographs as I went,

this group,

were all trying to be in the same selfie!

Mrs. Rochester 1998,

and her companions, 'Cheers!',

another two couples,

in the swing of things,

above this building,

the legend,

I was nearing the end of the street,

the crowds starting to thin out,

as more Dickension's,

is that the correct name? walked into the street,

I had a look at some more of the old buildings in the street,

before being stopped, he must have though I was a Zulu!

then great fun for the kids,

a Punch and Judy show,

'lookout behind you!',

too late!

I continued to the bridge over the river,

looking at a few shops on the way,

I listened to a couple from Fleetwood Mac,

before turning round and making my way back to the station,

as another group were being told of the history of the town,

back past Mr. Punch,

who drops the baby!

I could not help thinking that these would be a difficult pair of shoes to loose!

I had bumped into this gentleman before, sadly I had missed the Morris dancing,

as I neared the center of the street where I have to turn left to go to the station,

it became very crowded,

but in no time at all, there it was,

waiting for the train I looked back towards the cathedral,

and the castle, what a wonderful afternoon, and if any of the many people who took the time and trouble to dress up are reading, this a great big THANK YOU!, all of your efforts truly are really appreciated,

and as promised here is the video,

arriving home straight away I started on resizing the photographs of today and writing the blog, which meant it was quite late before I started my read and sherry,' Cheers!',

for tonight crispy duck spring rolls,

followed by crispy battered chili beef, and a fruity chicken curry with rice,

eyes down and tuck in,

I finished with a fresh fruit salad, after which Diana was soon on the telephone, arriving home it was feet up for a nightcap of spiced rum and a New Tricks before we were off to bed.