Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A Trip To TukCom,

started the day,

 I needed to go to the bank so I chose the one here,

 which meant I could treat myself to an ice coffee to drink when I returned home,

 looking towards Pattaya Tai blue skies which made a change,

next stop the Punch and Judy,

 for a late breakfast/early lunch with Steve and Jim,

I decided on a prawn cocktail,

we were also joined by Andrew, we chatted for a couple of hours, then home for a spot of television,

as night fell it was then glad rags on as Barry called round and we made our way to a new Indian restaurant that had opened up on the road that leads to Jomtien Beach, it is a hundred yards or so before you go under the arch on the right hand side, but as parking can be a problem in that area we parked opposite the Jomtien Complex and walked down,

this is the sign to look out for,

looking over the road it is almost opposite the Flying Dolphin bar,

Barry informed me that this has been an Indian restaurant for some time but has recently been taken over and refurbished,

we shared a plate of vegetable spicy fries,

'Cheers!', from both of us and for a change a medicinal white wine,

our main courses arrived, prawn massala for Barry, chicken tikka massala for myself with a selection of vegetables, we chatted the evening away, both of us reminiscing about Pattaya and how things have changed, disappeared and new ventures appeared, I thanked Barry and said our goodbyes, then it was feet up and watch a couple of shows on cable television then for me I was off to bed.

When I First Looked,

at the picture below,

 I thought of some dreamy seascape,

but it was actually part of a slice of Agate, I found the image at the site of Alain.R.Truong which is a huge site with so many interesting categories, be warned, once you start looking it is difficult to stop!

Many Of Us Will Have Watched,

or at least heard of the Vikings,

anyway here is a bit of fun if you want to see your name in runes, that is the Vikings 24 symbol writing have a look here, just tap in your name and it will magically appear as it would have looked in the 2nd to 15th centuries AD, above is my name, the site is run by NOVA, which is a prime time science series on American television and is produced by WGBH Boston and airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on most PBS stations, from NOVA's web page,

'In the classroom, NOVA Education tailors digital resources for STEM educators, and offers a free educator library featuring videos, audio segments, lesson plans, and interactives, all aligned to teaching standards. NOVA is also committed to providing viewers with the latest science news via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, newsletters, and more'.

If You Are Looking For A New Tablet,

this could be the one for you,

Google have just unveiled their new Pixel C, which Google announced at its Nexus event today in San Francisco, it will be a 10.2-inch tablet with a USB-C charger, the tablet will run on Android Marshmallow and has a screen resolution of 2560x1800 (308 ppi) with 3 GB of RAM, the tablet is powered by a Nvidia X1 quad-core processor and Maxwell GPU, and has stereo speakers, "C" stands for convertible, because the tablet will integrate with a bluetooth keyboard that attaches magnetically to the Pixel C, the keyboard tucks behind the Pixel C when it's not needed, and inductively charges when not in use, Google says that the keyboard will function with just a few minutes of charging per day, guide prices start at $499 for a 32 GB model, plus $149 for the keyboard, now how many weeks away is Christmas?

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

More Rain Today,

well it is the rainy season,

 looking in the garden it looks like one of Diana's stinky cactus is going to flower,

 there is a small bud nearly in the centre of the picture,

 a long time friend Bill called by and we spent the afternoon chatting away,

 as he left I mentioned to him that for me he had an uncanny resemblance to one of the people in Grant Wood's painting titled American Gothic

Grant used his dentist Dr. B. H. McKeeby as one of the models, Bill said no one had ever mentioned it before, so I guess it must just be me,

 in the evening I meet up with Steve in The Venue, situated inside the Jomtien Complex, it was his last night as he had received a message from one of his family so was returning home early,

  by a strange happenstance it was happy hour, 2 for the price of one,

 the main show area inside,

 after finishing our drinks we made our way to Yupins,

 we had both enjoyed our last meal there so much we just had to return, well Steve had returned every night!

 two of the unsung heroines of the kitchen,

 on to our starters,

 well it was a no contest for Steve, he enjoyed the prawns so much last time he ordered them again,

for myself something different, a smoked bacon salad with scallops served with a raspberry jus and a red wine vinaigrette,

on to our main courses,

an Australian black Angus steak for Steve, complete with 3 dipping sauces, with a full selection of vegetables,

 for myself magret of duck,

 served with homemade cranberry sauce or a choice of spicy curry sauce,

 with a selection of vegetables, I chose saute potatoes,


 then the fun begins for dessert,

 Steve chose the creme brulee con amor which was flamed at the table,

 he had tried it once before and pronounced it excellent,

 then it was my turn, 

 I chose the flamed sweet bananas, braised in butter, cinnamon and Muscovado sugar, flambeed with cognac and served with cream,

 now I do not say this lightly, this was the best dessert I have had in my life, it was just so nice in every way,

 whilst recovering from our desserts we chatted to the dinners on the table next to us,

 both were from Scotland and having a great time here in Pattaya,

 I just had to finish with a latte coffee,

 and take a picture of one of the rooms decorations,

Peter called over to make sure all was well, I should say so! I am so looking forward to taking Diana here for a meal when she returns from the Philippines,

 the restaurant's card,

and map,

 meal over I said farewell to Steve as he made his way home, I walked to the front of the complex and took a few pictures as I waited for a blue and yellow taxi to pass,

 I am not a great beer drinker, but if you are I guess this would be a good place to call in,

also if you like Italian food with a wood fired oven this could be a good choice, but I have to say it, for me has got to be Yupins, just a small point even on weekdays if you want a inside table it is best to book 038-303155, I arrived home full to bursting, I watched some cable television, then for me I was off to bed.