Friday, 30 November 2018

Borough Market Up Early,

and away! 

 a walk through the fallen leaves,

 and on to the train,

 to London Bridge,

 passing a very poignant memorial, Less We Forget,

 into the street,

 passing the apparently never ending building works,

 and into Borough Market,

 we had a look around,

 at the food stalls,

 we had decided to have breakfast here,

 but what to choose?

 well not these,

 gingerbread men are not quite what we had in mind,

 or drunk cheese,

 but this was more like it,

 a pig on a stick,

 or maybe a curry from Ethiopia,

 and of course a burger,

 was in the running,

 then all of a sudden,

 we were in the non-food section,

 this stall had such nice items for sale,

 like this plate featuring a John Dory,

 and for me the kingfisher tea towel was particularly nice,

 but this was not getting us feed,

 so off we went,

 and found the mushroom stall,

 with huge bowls of mushroom soup to sell,

 the last time we were here,

 I commented on the number of different colors of tomatoes that were for sale, like these,

 here is a little something for the evening,

 that cut will do nicely,

 lobsters, yummy!

 and then I saw them,

 the fish I was looking for yesterday,

Arbroath smokies, and in no time at all there were two in the bag,

 I continued looking along the stall,

 passing a butchers that had game hanging just the way they should be hung,

 we passed another fruit stall,

 the shelves laden with produce,

 time for a curry?

 no I have just found these,

 a touch of vinegar, and just what the doctor ordered,

 a whelk breakfast,


 as well as fish and shellfish, this stall sells venison,

and in no time at all it is ready to go,

and who is this handsome fellow?

that will be me on the right,

a quick pose,

and we were off again, looking at the cheese pigs,

we arrived at the end of the market,

where one of the florists are located,

in a row of shops,

back inside,

as Diana poses by one of the Christmas trees,

I just had to look at this stall,

with it's Christmas tree decorations,

and flowers of course,



and another Christmas tree in the market,

I am not sure what it was that is cooking, but a few people were waiting to be served,

but we do know what these are, chocolates!

decision made,

a bratwurst in a roll it was then, which we shared,

at first we thought it was a shop selling Christmas decorations, but as we waked closer it was a barbers,

another food decision,

shredded lamb,

with salad with rice, it was so nice,

and for dessert,

3 custard rolls,

we started back towards the florist, passing more fruit stalls,

a leg for the weekend perhaps?

the pull of The Market Porter was strong, but I resisted,

as we were going here,

to buy a front door Christmas decoration,

and I forgot to take a picture of it before it was wrapped,

but it was similar to this one, except it was not so colorful, and it had more berries, also a lot more cones, and not so green, thinking about it it was not like this at all, but I will post a picture of it on our front door tomorrow,

shopping over we went to the public house we normally go to when we visit the market,

we made our way back to the station,

now there is a job I could not do, a crane operator, my fear of heights would stop me after climbing the first 5 steps up!

we jumped on the train back to Beckenham, then a walk to the tram that took us to the Purley Way,

and this is where we were going,

to this huge Next store, to look at some beds and bedroom furniture, but it was not to be, no furniture stocked here,

so a quick walk over the road,

to Dreams,

where the selection of beds was truly enormous, decision made and we were on our way for a dressing table, a couple of bedside tables and a mirror, but disaster stuck, I/we had maxed out my credit card! so off to the bank tomorrow to pay it off and we start again, also I will ask for a debit card I think it is called, as I do not have one, just a Barclaycard, so on to the tram home, a stop off at Waitrose as we  had forgotten the vinegar for my cockle sandwich, then feet up after an exhausting day and we were before midnight off to bed.