Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Dr. Channis For The Root Canals, Then Food!

I may have mentioned before the surgery is just opposite Friendship in Pattaya Tai, there are now three surgery's there, but if you want the same dentist as I use it is next to the 7-11, Pattaya's answer to the hells angels, no! me ready to buy some soup, no chewing today,
and here we are at the soup kitchen,
when you are hungry the wait seems to last for ever! then it was home to watch Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994) followed by The Untouchables (1987) whilst after eating the last of the lychee, then off to bed.

I Can Imagine The Phone Call To The Wife,

"There I was driving along minding my own business," " when all of a sudden the puddle I drove into got deeper and deeper and that's why I am late!"
the Ukranian driver already having a bad day - having taken a wrong turn onto a highway - found it getting a lot worse when he gingerly crept over a water-filled pothole, only to discover it was a 12-foot deep crater, the driver had to smash his rear window and scramble out to the top to avoid a muddy end, before waiting for workmen to come and rescue his car, it appears a water main had burst and caused the hole as it swept away soil around the fracture and he could not blame Sat-Nav!

And They Wonder Why They Are So Hated!

like them or not, traffic wardens sometimes are needed to keep traffic flowing, but when two of them have a victory dance and one then does a pole dance whilst a ticket is being issued, is it any wonder why they are so despised? the mobile phone footage was captured by an anonymous bystander who watched the bizarre dance from a high-rise building opposite the car park in Hull, East Yorkshire, last week, as if mimicking the hokey-cokey she then skips back towards her colleague before turning once more, this time kicking her legs up and down in the air alternately, finally she bobs up and down before the climax of her dance - around the car park lamp post, a spokesperson for Hull City Council said: 'Whilst the video footage does not show a civil enforcement officer placing a penalty charge notice on a vehicle, it does show unacceptable behaviour by another enforcement officer in the vicinity, 'Our enforcement contractor is undertaking an investigation, yes having seen the video a course of dancing lessons might be a suitable punishment! if you want to see it go here.

Monday, 30 March 2009

60 Today, No Not Me Mike!

but first things first,
along to pick up Diana's jeans that were made shorter,
the seamstress has her shop just opposite the market where we get the bugs that Diana likes so much,
then all made up and ready to go, and me in the shirt Diana bought for me as a present,
Diana with her new jewelry,
then Mike and Riza arrived, new dresses all round, and a couple of drinks to start the evening off,
Mike had decided on the Pagoda restaurant in Jomtien,
and a great choice it was to,
inside the decor was very nice with umbrella's from Chang Mai hanging from the ceiling,
a view looking towards the bar,
the tables were beautifully laid out, we are having some complementary starters,
then for the actual starters Diana had mushroom soup,
Mike had curried cream of chicken, Riza decided on creamy chicken and leek soup, whilst I had smoked salmon with capers,
after a break the main courses arrived,
for Riza fillet of fish in a dill sauce,
Diana had the fillet steak with vegetables,
Mike had the veal tenderloin steak,
and for me sirloin steak,
Riza spent the whole evening laughing with Diana, a girls thing I guess,
then the desert, in a strange twist of fate we all chose the same one, ice cream tart with Baileys and Amaretto, and very nice it was to! all in all it was a lovely meal, unhurried and with attentive service, Helmut the director made us all feel more than welcome, the menu has so many different things to try, as some one once said, "We will be back!" below is a map of how to get there,
once again the food was so nice if you have any reason to eat out this is the place to go and be gastronomically pampered, you can also read more about it here,
well after a lovely meal we called in to see a couple of friends on the way back, David and Go,
Riza had prepared some Filipino food for them before setting out from home,
then it was back to 388 to open Mike's present,
Diana had used miles of tape!
success at last, a shirt,
it also doubles up as a dress for Riza!
then we settled in to watch a couple of episodes of "Little Britain"
the highlight of which was Mr. Dubery (Dudley) meeting Miss. Ting-Tong from Ping-Pong who was really Mr. Tong-Ting from Tooting, all to soon the evening was over, many thanks to Mike and Riza and many happy returns!

Sunday, 29 March 2009


TGIS, it means thank God it's Saturday!
so off to the lady that makes dresses and jeans smaller for Diana,
then to Friendship to pick up the shopping for today,
the bike loaded with goodies, on both sides,
then Joe called in, very kindly he had bought lots of fish food from Bangkok, I had bought some down here but the fish just did not eat it, can you believe it? fussy fish!
Mr. Tony is sticking to his diet, so far a loss of 3 kilos,
Big Jim called as well with a most delicious chicken and stuffing meal which we all tried and enjoyed,
then Diana brought her marinated chicken, ribs and pork complete with salad upstairs,
meanwhile James played with his remote control car watched by Laura, the first car which was faulty was replaced at the market just before Mr, Tony arrived,
Laura, James, Beth and Madel, watching a DVD,
meanwhile in the kitchen Riza is cooking some prawns,
all the girls, Diana, Riza, Madel and Beth, "Cheers!" from Mike,
and Richard,
Mike and Riza in her new dress, the girls had gone out to Lotus to do a bit of shopping, a surprise is coming for someone!
James and Laura,
Richard, downstairs in time for the food!
and the surprise? Beth and Richard buy Mike a birthday cake from swensens,
so with a chorus of "Happy birthday to you" it was time to cut the cake,
and nice it was to!
all of the girls really enjoyed it,
then it was time to open the presents, pretty in red,
or stripes,
and almost matching shorts! all to soon the party was over and a great time was had by all, I am still trying to think about what we talked about last night, but the hangover has got the better of me, time for a cup of tea!