Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Son Of Stanley Steamer To Strike Again!

the record has stood since 1906,
an early version of the Stanley Steam Rocket during a record attempt in 1903
a staggering 127.659mph in the Stanley Rocket steam car, leading the charge to break the record is test driver Don Wales, nephew of the late Donald Campbell and grandson of Sir Malcolm Campbell who, between them, achieved more than 20 land and water speed records, The British Steam Car team are based in Lymington, New Forest in Hampshire and, with minimum funds by maximum British ingenuity and pluck, they have constructed the car in farm outbuildings belonging to Mr Burnett, 'It is a 'garden shed' enterprise operation,' admitted their spokeswoman,
test driver Don Wales said: 'We're proud to fly the flag for Britain and hope to bring this record back to UK shores, it would be fantastic, 'It's a real derring go adventure full of typical British eccentricity - but lot's of fun,
project manager Mr Candy said: 'We are doing it on a shoe-string and have been donated parts and paint which has kept the show on a road, 'We've even called referred to the car as being "essence of E-Bay." It's a real garden shed enterprise.' He added:'There are two real kettle elements at the hear to the car, so if all else fails we can at least make a cuppa, 'however when they did approach tea giant PG Tips for sponsorship, they weren't offered any help, 'I thought that showed a bit of a lack of imagination, imagine the fun they could have had,' Mr Candy said, only in Britain could this sort of thing happen, British and proud of it!

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