Tuesday, 31 March 2009

And They Wonder Why They Are So Hated!

like them or not, traffic wardens sometimes are needed to keep traffic flowing, but when two of them have a victory dance and one then does a pole dance whilst a ticket is being issued, is it any wonder why they are so despised? the mobile phone footage was captured by an anonymous bystander who watched the bizarre dance from a high-rise building opposite the car park in Hull, East Yorkshire, last week, as if mimicking the hokey-cokey she then skips back towards her colleague before turning once more, this time kicking her legs up and down in the air alternately, finally she bobs up and down before the climax of her dance - around the car park lamp post, a spokesperson for Hull City Council said: 'Whilst the video footage does not show a civil enforcement officer placing a penalty charge notice on a vehicle, it does show unacceptable behaviour by another enforcement officer in the vicinity, 'Our enforcement contractor is undertaking an investigation, yes having seen the video a course of dancing lessons might be a suitable punishment! if you want to see it go here.

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