Monday, 27 September 2021

I Am Only Making One Post Today,

as during lunch I became really unwell,

Sunday lunch started well as it always does 'Cheers!', after a read and a sherry,

we had a lobster bisque,

which was delicious,

followed by pork,

with gravy for Diana, and sans gravy for myself, then it happened, I suddenly felt very hot and cold, but the sensations reversed, when I was sweating I was shivering, when I was cold I was sweating, plus a pounding headache, as I got up from the table I was also so dizzy I thought I was going to fall over, I sat on the sofa, my lunch barely touched, I felt terrible, so much so I did two thig I have not done in many decades, firstly I went to bed to lie down, and secondly I took two Paracetamol, after 07.00 in the evening I got up but still felt terrible, Diana was a great help, but really there was nothing that could be done other than making cups of tea, I went back to bed and had a bad nights sleep, waking up hot and throwing the covers off, then waking up cold and pulling them back again! I had a sleep in this morning, waking at 08.30 to type this, after which as I still feel really fragile I will be going back to bed for a few more hours, hopefully I will be a new man tomorrow!

Sunday, 26 September 2021

I Had To Pick Up My Medication Today,

so I walked with Diana into town,

I left her at the bus stop,

and made my way past the church,

to Boots the chemist, where it was bad news, although I had given the usual 48 hours notice, for some reason my medication had not arrived, so I was told to call back at 2.00 in the afternoon, I said I would give the delivery the benefit of the doubt and call in at 3.00 in the afternoon,

so on to the weekends shopping, for our Sunday roast a joint of pork,

arriving home Matt from the maintenance company that looks after our building was there and needed the key to the cellar, all of the gas and electric meters are there, but the door has swollen making it difficult to enter, also he repair the fence at the side of the building that had blown down in a gale some time ago,

whilst having a coffee one of the crows called by, so I opened the window for them to have a few

by now it was nearly 3.00 in the afternoon,

some another walk into town, I entered Boots and then got some good and bad news, yes your medication is here the assistant said holding up a small paper bag, which he then put down with the comment, "but I can not give them to you as the pharmacist is not here', I felt like grabbing the bag and having it away on my toes, I had to wait for the pharmacist to arrive, which after15 minutes or so he did, he looked at the bag, asked "Mr. Kemp?" I replied yes and he gave me the bag without even looking into it, I know it is the law, but sometimes thigs like this are so silly, he had no way of knowing what was in the bag, that was all down to the assistants that packed the medication,

back home through the High Street,

a read and a 'Cheers!',

for tonight Wiltshire honey roast ham,

then another read, one of the many things I like about the book, is that every so often there is an illustration describing what has been seen,

also each chapter has a few notes as to what the chapter is about,

I read about 40 pages, before my main meal,

chicken in a red wine sauce, I am getting to be quite a dab hand at this heating food up malarkey, I have not burnt my hand or fingers for at least 4 weeks now as I take the food out to give it a stir halfway through cooking,

mango, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries for a nice healthy dessert, 

I then settled down for the The Good The Bad and the Ugly, we had watched the film before, but it was still good fun to watch again, after that finished quite fortuously Diana called, after arriving home it was feet up for a coffee before we were then off to bed.

I Find This Incredible,

the knight stands 18 centimetres tall,

and what I find incredible is that it was made from just one sheet of 68 x 68-centimeter Wenzhou rice paper! photograph © Juho Könkkölä, the Finnish artist Juho Könkkölä took 41 hours of work using wet and dry origami techniques, “One of the greatest challenges in this figure was the stark contrast between the shield and the sword; the sword has over 50(!) layers inside the palm of the figure, whereas the shield has only one layer on a large surface,” he writes on Instagram,

Könkkölä also filmed his entire process, so you can watch the knight take shape in the time lapse video above, the video is a tad long defiantly a 2 coffee mug watch.

These Creatures,

come from a part of our earth we know so little about,

found deep in the ocean depths an expedition by Alexander Semenov near Ponza Island unveiled an array of marine life off the western coast of Italy, 

these stills are from footage that is part of an ongoing documentary project for Aquatilis

what makes this so amazing is that we know so little of the oceans depths, as Paul Snelgrove, Oceanographer commented:

"We know more about the surface of the Moon and about Mars than we do about [the deep sea floor], despite the fact that we have yet to extract a gram of food, a breath of oxygen or a drop of water from those bodies."

the reason of course is cost, as Robert Ballard, Ocean Researcher noted:

"If you compare NASA's annual budget to explore the heavens, that one year budget would fund NOAA's budget to explore the oceans for 1,600 years."

NOAA is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,

here is the amazing video the stills were taken from, you can see more from Semenov on his site, even today how little we know about our own planet.

I Am Not A Great Fan Of Fast Food,

the least favourite for myself is cup noodles,

and did I get that wrong! instant noodles were first invented in 1958 by Momofuku Ando, the Taiwanese-born founder of the Japanese food company Nissin. But it wasn’t until September 18, 1971 when they first hit the market under the brand name Cup Noodle, the company has always maintained a playful creativity when it comes to product development and in celebrating the 50-year milestone they’ve released Cup Noodle sodas as well as several other ways for their core fanbase to celebrate, 

four of their most popular and best-selling flavours are featured, original, seafood, curry and chili tomato, all have been turned into fizzy beverages,

and here they are, from left to right: Italian Chili Highball (campari and chili tomato), Summer Seafood Highball (dry gin and seafood), Original Skye Highball (single-malt whiskey and original) and Indian Bourbon Highball (bourbon whiskey and curry),

but for those who find the beverages less-than-suited to their palette, not to worry. The company has also developed Cup Noodle pouches with shoulder straps that can carry almost anything, including your lunch. They’ve substituted the peel-away tab for cat ears and the inner-lining looks like Cup Noodle ingredients, I hate to say as so many people eat them, but I really do not like them, I guess it was a good job I was not a Nissin food taster all of those years ago!

Saturday, 25 September 2021

We Had A Quiet Morning,

in the afternoon I accompanied Diana to Bromley,

Diana was going to work, I needed to exchange our CO2 cylinder,

the market square now returned to normal,

the cyclamen  putting on a good show,

the fabric seller here as usual,

for myself into Lakeland, cylinder exchanged and I was on my way home,

it was such a nice afternoon and I had nothing else planned so I popped into the club for a quick couple,

arriving home I watched a game show then time for a sherry and a read,

for tonight's starter some Italian cold cuts rolled around cheese, 

followed by bangers and mash,


I continued to read The Naturalist on the River Amazons: A Record of Adventures, Habits of Animals, Sketches of Brazilian and Indian Life, and Aspects of Nature under the Equator, during Eleven Years of Travel, a bit of a long title, I am now up to about page 100, as I mentioned before for myself it is a really good read, starting in 1848 the adventure does exactly what it says in the books full title,

I finished the meal with a rainbow fruit salad, then out to meet Steve in the club, what a difference 2 weeks makes,

the last time I walked here it was still light for most of the evening, setting out at the same time tonight it was pitch black, Steve and myself chatted the night away, and he kindly dropped me off at home, I watched Have I Got News For You, which conveniently ended just as Diana called, a coffee and a chat later and we were off to bed. 

Below Are A Number Of What I Think,

are amusing signs,

all images courtesy of Michael Pederson, Working as Miguel Marquez Outside, he installs signage around urban areas that at first glance, might appear as an average city-issued nameplate or placard,

well I found them amusing! although the artist primarily works in Australia, you can find his unexpected projects in cities around the world, which you can see more of on Instagram, great fun.