Friday, 10 September 2021

Over The Past Few Months,

many restaurants have started to take a non-refundable deposit,

to guard against 'no shows' which with limited table space because of distancing measures has become an important way for them to cover costs, but this is the first time I have heard of no show wedding guests being invoiced, from the article in the New York Posts:

The no-shows were given a payment due date of one month from the Aug. 18 invoice sent by the once-anonymous newlyweds whose Royalton Negril Resort & Spa wedding in Jamaica apparently cost $120 a head, per the detailed invoice that many tweeters assumed was fake, the resulting wedding bill, originally posted to Doug’s Facebook, put the guilty parties on blast: “This invoice is being sent to you because you confirmed seat(s) at the wedding reception during the Final Headcount,” a note at the bottom of the “#PETTYPOST” reads. “Because you didn’t call or give us proper notice that you wouldn’t be in attendance, this amount is what you owe us for paying for your seat(s) in advance. You can pay via Zelle or PayPal. Please reach out to us and let us know which method of payment works for you. Thank you!”

I wonder if guest that did not show but did give a wedding present were given a discount?

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