Thursday, 9 September 2021

Some People Have A Physical Double,

which can be fun or frightening, depending on your doubles fame or criminal record!

but what if you have a paper double? which is exactly what happened to Francis Lopez, an 83-year-old man from Montpellier, France, photograph Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash, “Our name is Francis Lopez, we were both born in Oran, in Algeria, on October 6, 1938. We have the same security number social, except the last three digits. (…) I started having problems in 2006, ”  Lopez said. “I am the one who pays his taxes.” Le Figaro reports that the problem started 15 years ago when supplementary pension provider AG2R started recording another Francis Lopez’ income, which meant the 83-year-old had to pay taxes for it. He tried getting in touch with the company several times but eventually gave up, seeing as he could solve the problem “manually” by simply deducting his namesake’s income from his tax sheet. However, because of a new tax withholding tax, that’s no longer possible, French tax services have so far failed to resolve the bizarre situation, despite Francis’ numerous requests. He has already had to pay 700 euros ($830) in taxes for his namesake’s income, and fears that if nothing is done, he will have to pay thousands in the years to come, Francis Lopez’s story has generated a lot of attention in French mainstream media and social media, and tax authorities have announced that his situation will be resolved soon, thank goodness for that, just a shame the paper double did not receive a huge tax refund!


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