Friday, 3 September 2021

In The Morning Len Arrived,

with a second door closer,

hole in the door quickly drilled,

next grab a chisel to make a space for the mounting plates,

job finished,

a quick photograph to show we were now fire compliant and sent to the powers that be, and Len was on his way to his next job,

for myself it was time for the weekly shopping, over the past few weeks I had developed a cunning plan, on Fridays when I normally shop a number of the shelves were bare, but by shear happenstance I found that on Thursdays everything was well stocked, so since then Thursdays have become my weekly shopping day, another tip from a day in the life of a househusband!

walking out of the park some of the home owners are reseeding the grass outside of their properties, due to social distancing people were forced to walk on the grass, but now we are getting back to normal hopefully people will stay off of the grass,

shopping finished, a walk back home past the church,

on the corner of Beckenham green I notice our towns coat of arms,

and nice it looked too, the Latin moto non nobis solum, from the Roman philosopher, Cicero"not for ourselves alone" common variations are non nobis, sed omnibus ("not for us, but for everyone") and non nobis solum, sed omnibus, basically it means that people should contribute to the general greater good of humanity, apart from their own interests,

just before 10.00 in the evening Diana called, so off to the bus stop,

and past the church to the 227 bus stop, and home, just in time for a New Tricks before we were off to bed.

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