Thursday, 9 September 2021

It Was Another Sunny Day,

as I made my way out of the park,

the sun bright,

the shadows dark,

everywhere I looked,

not a cloud in the sky,

Diana was at work as I made my way,

to Beckenham Junction, then to Bromley South and on to Rochester,

passing the Russian submarine in the River Medway,

and arriving at Rainham station,

the welly garden,

looking nice, I had noticed it the last time I was here,

I joined Steve,

and Alan who drove,

to pop down to see Duncan, who was in good sprits, we chatted away for a few hours,

after which Alan dropped me off at Rainham station,

I was soon hurtling back past building works on the banks of the Medway,

and the submarine,

arriving in Beckenham a walk to Boots the Chemists,

I had run out of one of my medications, having picked that up off to Marks & Spencer's, for a few bits and pieces,

the lure of O'Neil's was strong,

and as it was such a hot warm sunny day, I weakened!

after a couple I was on my way home,

past Foxgrove Lodge,

the flowers in the garden looking nice,

I noticed an old VW camper van in the road,

and a small really neat caravan,

in the evening a sherry and a read,

for my starter Scottish 'Smoky and Robust' smoked salmon, 


for my main course toad in the hole,

time to tuck in,

for dessert a cream doughnut,

which was delicious! after reading I watched a really interesting documentary, 

presented by Dan Jones, the Plantagenets, which was just so interesting, after which Diana arrived home, so after a coffee and a chat and we were off to bed.

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