Wednesday, 8 September 2021

I Am Only Making Two Posts Today,

as I want to make an early start to meet up with Steve and Alan,

I will be taking the early train to Rainham and then we will all go in Alan's car to visit Duncan, back to today, it was Diana's day off, so we were out,

for a afternoon cream tea in Royal Tunbridge Wells,

but back then it was closed and not many of the shops were open, unlike today when it was so sunny with not a cloud in the sky,

we walked to Calverley Park, for some refreshments,

entering the park we noticed this memorial to Air Chief Marshal Dowding,

so a ice latte for two, and a bag of sea salt and pepper crisps,


we then started our walk through the High Street towards the Pantiles,

it was such a bright day, the shadows black as the sun was so strong,

and this is where we will be having our afternoon tea, The Ivy,

but first a look around town,

all of the shops open now,

especially the jewellers!

and lots of curio shops,

I remember commenting about these bins the last time we were here,

not much further,

and here we are at the start of the Pantiles,

as always Diana all smiles,

the Pantiles Arcade open today,

it is an antiques centre,

with a number of traders sharing the venue,

we were both taken with the Art Deco shop,

back outside we continued walking,

as Diana commented, 'what is it?',

a quick pose, and we were off again,

to a café, a mango and passion fruit for Diana,

a latte coffee for myself,

we then started looking at some of the shops behind the main pedestrian shopping area,

a few very specialised shops,

and galleries here,

I had to have a look outside the book shop, now unfortunally closed,

we made our way uphill,

towards this very colourful display above a jewellers,

and here we are,

ready for our 3.00 in the afternoon table,

past the very well appointed bar,

tea for two,

sans milk,

the same for Diana,

our sandwiches, scones, cream, jam and cakes arrived, one each, I am behind there, really!

a selection of sandwiches, which are replenished when required,

with cakes at the top of the display,


time to tuck in,

Diana just had to take a photograph of the ladies room,

Diana commented it was so nice,

afternoon tea over we started towards the car, the bill came to £69.00, and many thanks to Diana for picking it up,

one more pose in the sun,

and it was seatbelts on for the journey home,

what a truly glorious day, sun all day long, it was so hot, it was just like being back in Thailand! arriving home it was feet up for a quiz show, then on to a Midsomer Murder followed by a New Tricks, and now the bad news, after three days off over the weekend, Diana has to go back to work tomorrow, with that we were off to bed.

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