Thursday, 9 September 2021

I Have Never Believed That Battery Electric Lorries, Buses And Cars Are The Way Forward,

for myself and a few others hydrogen is the only way to go,

so it was with great joy that I read this, Mr Bamford, 43, grandson of the JCB founder Joseph Cyril Bamford, and the heir to JCB is setting up a £1bn fund aimed at putting the UK ahead in the global race to manufacture environmentally friendly hydrogen, JCB, chaired by Mr Bamford’s father Lord Bamford, is developing a hydrogen-fuelled combustion engine which can be used to power heavy machinery and hopefully cars instead of fossil fuels, fuel cells or batteries, Mr Bamford added: “The UK has missed the boat on batteries, a sector dominated by China and the Far East, but we can be global leaders in the production and supply of hydrogen." hydrogen could generate $2.5 trillion (£1.8trn) of global revenues by 2050, he said for the full article have a look here, go green, go clean, go hydrogen!

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