Friday, 10 September 2021

I Tend To Think Of Scams Being A Sort Of Modern Thing,

especially with the Internet featuring in so many of them,

but scams go back literally thousands of years, some looking quite innocent, like this weight above, photograph credit: ELIYAHU YANAI/CITY OF DAVID, it is a fascinating story, from TheJerusalem Post:

Found in the northern part of the City of David in Jerusalem's Old City and dating back to 2,700 years ago during the First Temple period, the weight in question is just 14 mm. in diameter and 12 mm. in height, and is only the second one of its kind to have been found in Israel. Made of hard limestone, the it contained engravings indicating it has a weight of two gerah, which equals 0.944 grams.

Despite this, however, the weight does not weigh two gerah. Rather, the researchers found that it weighed at least 3.61 grams, over three times as much.

but here is the thing, why would you want a weight that weighs more than stated? well if you were a gold merchant buying gold what better way to get something for nothing!

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