Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Another Step In The Right Direction.

as Toyota announces the launching of its hydrogen-powered Corolla and Prius in 2023,

photograph Toyota, in addition to the hydrogen-powered Prius, Toyota will additionally explore commercialising a hydrogen Corolla by 2023 with this vehicle having recently competed in the 24-hour Fuji race, hopefully the industry will move away from battery cars, which causes so much suffering in the mining of their raw materials and the disposal of the batteries, as it happens Toyota I think has already seen the writing on the wall, like diesel so many years ago we were encourage to buy diesel cars, and then we were demonised, in 20 years or so I can see the same thing happening with battery cars as they are demonised as hydrogen is the clean, green way to go, the good news is that it’s flagship vehicle, the Mirai, is almost synonymous with the hydrogen-fuelled vehicle network today, since its arrival in 2014, yes since 2014, hydrogen vehicles have been showing the green way forward, over 10,000 models of the Mirai have been sold world-wide, think clean, think green, think hydrogen!

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