Saturday, 4 September 2021

I Have To Admit,

I have never been a fan of wind farms, 

above Filson the dog who works on a wind farm in Southern California, photograph Rogue Detection Teams, why am I down on windfarms? without government subsidies and other cash breaks they just do not cut the mustard, take Hawaii with its trade winds one of the windiest places that wind farms could be placed, the record is not very good, did I mention that after 25 years the blades are worn out, but wait for it, they can not be recycled they have to go to landfill! never mind the horrific cost to wildlife, and here is the problemhumans are terrible at finding bats and birds killed by wind turbines, however dogs are great at it, the specific problem of bat deaths at wind turbines first came to biologists’ attention in 2003, when 2,000 bats turned up dead on a West Virginia wind farm, most bat deaths occur during autumn migrations, and that is just the tip of a very huge iceberg when it comes to wildlife deaths by windfarm, on wind farms in the US a patchwork of federal, state, and local regulations might govern how companies have to monitor wildlife deaths, but reporting requirements vary widely. This means that reliable data on deaths are hard to come by, estimates suggest that turbines in North America kill 600,000 to 949,000 bats and 140,000 to 679,000 birds a year, and that is just in North America, strange how the greenies and tree huggers never mention unpleasant side effects like these, for the full low down have a look here, great that dogs can help us, just so sad it is is in finding dead wildlife that we have knowingly killed.


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