Monday, 6 September 2021

The Second Part Of Our Post,

starts with us making our way to the pontoon,

for a closer look at the boats moored there,

and then I spotted it,

one of the Dunkirk Little Ships the Mary Jane was for sale!

but first before having a look, 

a bite to eat, we both did not have a breakfast,

the crowds here I have to say were smaller than I would have expected,

Diana had her food, 

as she ate I had my dreams!

not a cloud in the sky,

coat of arms,

and legend,

a shame it was in the shade, the gilt work would have looked stunning in the sun,

party time on the Kent, we made our way down onto the pontoon,

by this time I was thinking, 'any one will do',

but Diana was not too keen on a life on the ocean waves,

the Mary Jane, I was so tempted to ask how much,

back to reality, a detail of the Royal Barge,

and Royal seat, normally cars and some boats are rated in horse power, this barge is rated at 18 man power,

I was still so tempted to ask 'how much?',

and now as I write this I wish I had,

Diana was slowly coming round to a life on the oceans wave,

but it had to be a big boat like this one, 50 or 60 foot,

past the Endeavour,

and the board school,

the 'new' boat marina,

and up to the road level,

time for some liquid refreshment,

a beer it was then, and a mocktail for Diana,


as it happens it was so warm in the sun,

we moved into the shade,

half empty or half full? that is the question!

back over the bridge,

taking a few photographs on the way,

it was a picture perfect day,

we kept stopping,

nearly across the bridge now,

some one else was having their photograph taken,

looking towards the Hay's,

it was just like normal times, no one was wearing a mask,

we stopped again at the Horniman,


well, all of that walking was hard work,

goodbye to the Horniman,

and hello to a neat ice cream van,

past the Navigator,

on our way home,

into the park,

stopping to look at the flowers in Foxgrove Lodge,

not far now,

time to relax with a nice ice cold Cinzano Bianco,

washed and freshen up, we were out again,

to Miso for our evening meal,

we shared ribs,

and shredded spicy chicken for our starters,

'Cheers!', from Diana,

we nearly had the place to ourselves,

'Cheers!', we both had a chicken curry for our main course,

a selfie from Diana,

who was all smiles as usual especially as her dessert arrived, after the meal we made a move for home where it was feet up for Jurassic Park, we had watched it before but it was just something to while away an hour or so before we were off to bed.


jpo5626 said...

Stan & Diana-many say “people always smile when they purchase a boat and when they sell the boat.” I think time in between those tasks is a test on ability to be patient with a lot of unexpected events and costly unknowns.
Ever go down to the marina to find 98% of the boats at dock? A few fishermen out but majority are at work to pay for the pleasure of their docked boat. Boats seem to be what dreams are made of….a lot of dreaming but little action
John and Alley

PattayaStan said...

Dear John and Alley, you are so correct, unless you have unlimited funds a boat is a hole in the water that needs so many pound notes to keep the hole it is untrue, a friend of mine I used to go water skiing with described his boat and hobby of water skiing was like and I quote, "standing under a cold shower ripping up five pound notes as quickly as you can!", but I can still dream! best regards, Stan and Diana.