Thursday, 2 September 2021

I Have Always Liked Japanese Gardens,

that have a rock or two in them surrounded by raked gravel,

well apparently for those of us without a garden you can take up making your own indoor raked garden, these examples are of patterned zen gardens, composed by Yuki Kawae in the Bay Area which is a metropolitan region surrounding the San Francisco Bay estuaries in Northern California, the designer records meditative footage of wide-toothed prongs and dense rakes that scrape across beds of white sand, creating intersecting loops, fractals, and other organic shapes,

His practice dates back to 2019 when gardening served as an escape from life pressures, “I was quite overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks and what are the ‘expected’ next steps in life…One day, I realized all of those thoughts were completely gone when I was gardening, pruning, watering, and re-potting the soil. That process let me be clear-minded somehow, and it was very calming and refreshing,” he writes. Because he didn’t have space for a larger outdoor plot, he shifted to a coffee-table-sized zen garden,

“You may have some idea of the end product but with trial and error, you end up with a completely different end pattern,” he says. “All the zen garden patterns are not permanent, and they get erased to start a new one. It is temporary like many things in life. It taught me about what not to overthink as what I am stressing about may also be temporary.”

it looks so neat, all you need is a coffee table sized space, here are links showing to to make the table, and rakes, also a section on the choice of rocks and sand,

if you have time, this is 2 mug of coffee video as it is just over 23 minutes long, just a small thing, after just a few minutes in I realised you have to have a very, very steady hand, which thankfully Kawae is blessed with.

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