Wednesday, 8 September 2021

I Have A Question,

regarding coal production,

below are figures from NS Energy detailing the top 6 coal producing nations which reads as follows:

  1. China - 3.7 billion tones, yes billion!
  2. India - 783 million tones
  3. United States - 640 million tones
  4. Indonesia - 616 million tones
  5. Australia - 550 million tones
  6. Russia - 430 million tones
the question I have to ask is why has Australia who is fifth in the list, been told by the United Nations that it has 10 years to close all of its coalmining operations? the strange thing is I can not find any news of the United Nations saying the same, to say China or India, have I missed something here? while coal was Australia's second largest export, the nation accounted for just six per cent of the world's total annual production behind China, India and the US amongst others, Resources Minister Keith Pitt said coal would remain a significant contributor to the Australian economy well beyond 2030, 'Coal will continue to generate billions of dollars in royalties and taxes for state and federal governments, and directly employ over 50,000 Australians.' and my interest in coal?

 this is really going to upset the tree huggers, as I have mentioned many times before, we need coal and nuclear power stations, because, guess what? when there is no wind, wind farms do not work, well who would have thought that! just a couple of days ago coal fired power stations in the UK were up and running as the wind dropped, thank goodness someone with sense did not pull down coalfired power stations as the tree huggers wanted! On the good news front, China is doing its bit to keep CO2 high, the country announced it is planning to build 43 new coal-fired power plants and18 new blast furnaces, and nobody says a word, to put this in perspective China is leading the world in new coal power plants, building more than three times as much new coal power capacity as all other countries in the world combined in 2020, nice to know China is doing its bit, not.

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