Sunday, 12 September 2021

Some People Use Make Up,

to portray their favourite animals,

lions, cats, etc but this is the first time I have seen someone portraying birds, meet Lisa G. Buckley, Ph.D. who is a Vertebrate Paleontologist and Ichnologist, and is fascinated by the living dinosaurs that are birds,

from her website:

'Friends and family often ask me “What’s this bird?” The most recent one was a picture posted by a friend on Instagram asking about the identity of an owl (he was having a sick run of awesome owl sightings.) I identified it as a Short-eared Owl, and described it as having a “dramatic smoky eye.”

'Over the next few days, I started thinking “what if  I showcased different species of birds using their diverse eye patterns and colours as a template for eye makeup?” I mused the question out loud to my husband on a drive, and his response was “That’s awesome! Do it! You have to do it!”

'And thus #BirdGlamour was born!' you can follow Bird Glamour on FacebookTwitter and YouTube, if you have any Bird Glamour-related questions, you can email at 

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