Friday, 3 September 2021

I Never Knew That London Had A Lighthouse,

but it has!

photograph David Skinner, we must have walked past it a few times but never looked up to see it, the The Light House building is an iconic grade II listed Victorian structure located in the heart of the King’s Cross Central redevelopment zone. opposite Kings Cross St Pancras Station Square, the history as to how and why is a bit well, confused, the blue plague on the building reads, “Oysters were once sold here…or was that a fairground?” it shows that there are many stories about the lighthouse’s construction and use throughout its history, but that none can be verified and many are tall tales, some guesses for its original use include a helter skelter, clock tower and even a camera obscura,

the Lighthouse redrawn, image credit Kings Cross Environment, for the story have a look here, how amazing, a lighthouse in central London! 

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