Friday, 3 September 2021

I Am Getting More And More Convinced,

my mobile telephone is listening to me,

a couple of days ago we were chatting about where to go on Diana's day off next week and I mentioned a few places we might re-visit, and started talking about the people we saw crabbing at Herne Bay, here are a few photographs we took of them crabbing on the pier,

this was back in July 2020,

it is a family event,

with members of each family seeing who could catch the most crabs before retuning them at the end of the day, any way back to the telephone, having mention Herne Bay and crabbing I received this in a notification on my telephone, titled 'We tried looking for crabs at Kent's popular crabbing hotspots, including Herne Bay Pier and Whitstable Harbour', it could be totally a coincidence, or is my telephone really listening to our conversations and then sending articles it thinks we could be interested in? 

as it happens we also saw more than a few people crabbing in Poole harbour back in September 2020.

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