Monday, 13 September 2021

When I ReadThis,

I Laughed so much I nearly spilled my coffee!

the headline, 'Charging points for electric cars will be pre-set to switch off for nine hours' photograph Car Magazine, the article continues, 'From May, every new charger will automatically not function at 'peak times' to ease the pressure on the national grid,' and just for a laugh if you plan to to stop on your journey for a top-up to get you home, 'There is also set to be a 'randomised delay' of up to 30 minutes if there is high demand from motorists,' with luck like ours if I was dumb enough to buy a battery electric car, I would be bound to get caught on the 'randomised delay' when trying to complete a journey, I have no faith in battery cars, from the 40,000 children forced to work to produce the batteries raw materials, to disposing of the batteries when their useful life is finished, to repeat my prediction, in 25 years time battery electric car owners will be demonised, as indeed diesel car owners were, there is only one way to go forward, go clean, think green, go hydrogen!

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