Monday, 13 September 2021

If You Imagine Some Foods You Eat Are Additive,


above Lianyungang Haizhou Police searched the shop involved (Photo courtesy of Lianyungang Haizhou Police issued by CCTV), and why are they searching? another example of food venders is uncovered making their food into a 'must have' dish, by adding poppy derivatives to them! this happened in Lianyungang City, in China’s Jiangsu Province, an anonymous whistle-blower had recently watched public safety warning videos about shady businessmen lacing their food with poppy husks to make them seem more appetizing, and wondered if the food stall that made the delicious hot noodles he loved so much was doing the same thing. As it turned out, they were in fact adding poppy husk powder to the noodles, to make them literally addictive, as a way to boost business, the whistle-blower brought a sample of the delicious dish to the police for testing, and results showed that it contained high levels of papaverine, narcotine, and other unusual compounds, the Lunan Police Station cooperated with the Food and Drug Environmental Investigation Brigade to conduct a full search of the food stall and seized a large pot of chili oil that was later found to be laced with poppy-derived substances, “The seasoning chili oil is laced with poppy shell powder, which makes it taste considerably better. The cold noodle dish as a whole tastes more delicious, but this food can be addictive and poses a danger to health over the long term,” officer Zhang Kaoshan told reporters, as it happens this is not an isolated case as can be seen here in 2014 and again here in 2019, as it happens According to media statistics, from 2020 to April of this year, there were 155 criminal cases involving the illegal addition of opium poppy to food. Henan, Guizhou, and Jiangsu were the three top-ranked provinces in terms of number of cases, so if you start to really crave your favourite dish, beware!


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