Saturday, 11 September 2021

For Myself Bank Notes,

are works of art in their own right,

showcasing the skill of the engraver that makes the plates the notes are printed from,

with that in mind endless loop of lines, ornate motifs, emblems, and historical figures converge in a hypnotic animation by Los Angeles-based director Lachlan Turczan,

with Blake Mills’s subdued track “Money Is The One True God,” the music video is comprised of high-resolution scans spliced together, 

the compilation reveals colourful snippets of currency from 23 countries dating from the 1800s to the present day,

“The age of exploration leads to industrialization, wonders of the world are replaced by office buildings, and icons of freedom stand in stark contrast to images of slavery,” he says, 

“The project culminates with the collective eyes of all world leaders staring back at the audience.”

for the full HD video have a look here,

although for my money I would have preferred Money God, above, by Big Pig, from their album Bonk, but what do I know? “Money Is The One True God” is just one of Turczan’s music videos, which you can watch on Vimeo and Instagram.

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