Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Diana Had A Late Start,

in the afternoon after she left,

I started to play househusband, one thing about living in South East London is the water, whilst it is great to drink out of the tap, it is incredibly hard, where ever it dries it leaves a limescale mark, so this afternoon out with the lime scale remover, liberally applied in the kitchen and bathroom, I waited an hour or so for it work, but before washing it away, a good scrubbing with a pan scourer, the difference was amazing, so repeat the above with a new bottle of lime scale remover and the result was perfect, after my evening meal it was feet up for a couple of quiz shows, a Midsomer Murder, then just as New Tricks started Diana called, so off to the bus stop and a walk home, where it was feet up for the rest of New Tricks, one from Have I Got News For You, a coffee, a chat and we were off to bed.

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