Thursday, 9 September 2021

This Sort Of Half Appeals To Me,

four days camping in Scotland, 

with luxury amenities like butlers, Michelin-star chefs, and hydrotherapy pools, a night in a luxury campsite and take part in a special gala dinner with explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes also some quite good 'freebies' a personalized Garmin MARQ watch, waterproof kit from Thrudark, and a race vest from Ultimate Direction, all pretty good, now the half I do not like, it is a ultramarathon race, The Highland Kings, is a four-day camping race covering a distance of 120 miles on the west coast of Scotland, is limited to only 40 participants, “The luxury element makes it very different to other races,” race director Rebecca Silva told the BBC. “It’s aimed at professionals, who can afford it, who want a sense of adventure but want an element of luxury off the beaten track, in the wild and not in the typical places people explore.” in preparation for the ultramarathon scheduled to take place in April of 2022, the 40 participants will be given tailored training plans based on sweat-composition testing, they will have Zoom calls with physios and psychologists to help them prepare in advance to get race-fit, and they will get to speak to ultra-running world champion Jonathan Albon and receive personal coaching from Anna-Marie Watson, an ex-army dedicated ultra-runner and coach, I am in the not for me camp, but as mentioned there are only 40 places, so like the race you had better be quick, just drop off the entrance fee of £15,499 and have fun!

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