Monday, 13 September 2021

We Had A Quiet Day,

until we sat down for lunch,

'Cheers!', as we started our lunch so did the appallingly loud noise of music start from the park, previous raves in the park have not been a problem at all, but today the noise was intensely loud, it was all I could do to read,

on to our meal we had a couple of onion bhajis and samosas left from yesterday so starters they were today,

main course, beef with gravy for Diana,

sans gravy for myself,

a chocolate cheesecake for Diana, a cream doughnut for myself, in the afternoon Steve called by, he was returning from a bicycle ride from Beckenham to Whitstable with a few friends, the journey is just over 55 miles, all before his lunch! as we said goodbye on the doorstep Steve commented on how loud the music from the park was, 

back inside it was turn up the volume of the television for the evenings film Once Upon a Time in America, at nearly 4 hours long we took a break half way through and had a look at the video that Sandio had sent,

of progress on the house the family are building in the Philippines, all looking good, after the film finished we were then off to bed.

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