Tuesday, 7 September 2021

It Was Diana's Day Off Again Today,

as is tomorrow as it happens,

Diana is now down to a 4 day working week, so hopefully from now on Diana will be home every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and putting today to a good start Diana had a 2 hour driving lesson, after which in the late afternoon we walked into town,

as we entered that park this flower caught my eye,

I have no idea what it is,

the gate house flower beds,

looking as nice as ever,

this tree seems to defy gravity, almost growing horizontally,

of course years of people posing on it,

might explain it!

not as much water flowing as previous visits,

we had brought some peanuts with us to feed the ducks, and in this case the squirrels, in our last few visits here we did not see any squirrels, but today we were hardly in the park when this one approached Diana,

a few peanuts for the ducks,

when another squirrel called by,

I then realised it must be that they associate the plastic bag that Diana was carrying with food,

admittedly they are long haired tree rats with good PR, but they do look cute,

and some are getting quite tame,

we continued walking again,

and there was another one,

and no it was not the same one following us!

from none on our last few visits, now every few hundred yards there is another one,

the gardeners looking after beds,

doing a great job,

well we just had to!

it was a baking hot afternoon,

even though it was getting late,


Heron Island,

today with just one in residence,

in the far distance the Chilean giant rhubarb, (Gunnera manicata),

Diana was tracked down again,

a few more peanuts to go,

the bridge across that far end of the lake was closed, so we took the longer walk to the Stone Park Road entrance and rounded the lake at its source,

passing one of the many huge tees in the park,

we were not alone,

for a second I thought he was going to jump,

we continued our walk,

for some reason this tree favoured above all others by pigeons,

I am now convinced it is the plastic bag that Diana is carrying,

that is acting like a squirrel magnet,

we stopped by the giant rhubarb,

and had a closer look as well as feeling their sharp thorny stems,

turning around Diana had been tracked,

by yet another squirrel,

we started to make our way out of the park,

what a lovely way to spend a couple of hours in the late afternoon,

and all just a 20 minute walk into town,

we made our way back past the church stopping at M & S opposite to buy some milk and bananas,

into the park past Foxgrove Lodge,

and home where after our evening meal it was feet up for a quiz show, one from Lewis, a New Tricks rounding off the evening with a Have I Got News For You, after which we were off to bed.

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