Saturday, 4 September 2021

Diana Did Not Have To Start Work Until The Afternoon,

so we decided to walk to town for a breakfast,

a quick pose,

well I had to too,

the flowers in Foxgrove Lodge looking so nice,

we decided to eat again at the Cosy Kitchen,

it is easy to find,

the outside is decked with so many flowers,

we both decided on the same, the Cosy small English breakfast,

feeling full we walked to Boots the chemist for Diana to pock up a few bits and pieces, I waited outside, arriving home in the afternoon Diana was off to Sidcup for written part of her driving test, after a couple of hours a telephone call, great news, Diana had passed! in the afternoon I bumped into Dafydd, one of our next door neighbours, we chatted the afternoon away,

in the evening a sherry,

and a read, A Voyage in the Sunbeam, such a relaxing and enjoyable read, I can almost imagine I am there! now up to page 308 and enjoying everyone of them,

for my starter tonight a slice of gala pie,

followed by a boneless butter basted chicken joint, I am not very good in the kitchen, for myself this was a major achievement, but cooking vegetables as well is just a leap too far for myself, I rounded off my meal with a raspberry trifle for one,

jacket on and off to the club,

the tennis courts,

now being put to good use,

no cricket tonight, I am guessing there will be a game over the weekend, Steve joined me in the club, we chatted the night away, Steve also kindly dropped me off home where I waited for Diana's telephone call, after meeting her at the 227 bus stop we walked home feeding the three fox cubs on the way through the park, next feet up for a New Tricks before we were off to bed.

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