Sunday, 5 September 2021

We Had A Quiet Morning,

and early afternoon,

then Diana had to leave for work, for myself some television until my evening read and sherry,

for this evening prawns wrapped in salmon,

followed by some British beef, this time brisket in a red wine sauce, which was quite pleasant,

last night a raspberry trifle, tonight a strawberry trifle,

'Cheers!', with a spiced rum, I read the night away, just over 100 pages, one of the many things I like about A Voyage in the Sunbeam is that at the start of each chapter there is a number of lines, for instance on page 408 they appear like this:



Betwixt them lawns, or level downs, and flocks

Grazing the tender herb, were interposed;

Or palmy hillock, or the flowery lap

Of some irriguous valley spread her store;

Flowers of all hue, and without thorn the rose.

the quote is from Paradise LostBook IV by John Milton (1608–1674) this part titled, Introductory to Mesopotamia, The Garden of Eden, starting with line 110, my English literary master Mr. Nesbit would have been so proud! Diana arrived home, so it was feet up for a coffee and a chat before we were off to bed.

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