Saturday, 5 October 2013

If Only It Was True,

and you really did wake up a trillionaire!

well that is what Molly Layes of Fort Smith who received an email Tuesday saying her BancorpSouth account had more than $4 trillion in it must have thought, BancorpSouth’s computer system issued an inaccurate “system display” that made Molly Layes’ checking account appear to have $4,040,404,040,404.04, “I guess I thought either it’s my lucky day, or somebody is going to be in a lot of trouble,” Layes said. “Then I realized how large of an amount it was and figured it was just a big error on their part, but it was nice to know that for just a little bit I was a trillionare, sort of.”

according to its most recent quarterly report, the bank has $13.2 billion in assets, so I guess it could not have honoured the statement,

but speaking of being a trillionaire I do have a genuine one hundred trillion dollar note which if I had been in Zimbabwe before 12 April 2009 would have been legal currency,

it appears that for various reasons inflation took hold and at the time could not be stopped, but look on the bright side at least I can say I am a trillionaire 100 times over! if only.

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