Sunday, 2 January 2022

Do Not Mess With Fish 273,

and you thought fish were fun!

well this one was, sort of, in Thailand instead of buying small bottles of drinking water, it is common to have a delivery service of large water containers, the same as you see in many offices, the bottle upside down and chilled in a dispensing machine, but here is the thing, in this container which was factory sealed there was a fish happily, it is assumed, swimming around! photograph and story Sanook, if you go to the link there is a video of the bottle with the fish in it, as you might imagine Thai netizens had a field day with comments, hundreds liked one that referred to a famous inscription in ancient Sukhothai known to all Thais that speaks of a time of plenty: "Nai nam mee plaa, nai naa mee khao" - There are fish in the water and there is rice in the fields", as is common in defamation fearing Thailand, no one mentioned the name of the water company, if the name was published it would result in a court case, guaranteed! I wonder if the fish was introduced by a disgruntled employee? we will never know!

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