Monday, 3 January 2022

What A Totally Brilliant Idea,

instead of having E-Scooters,

why not have a hydrogen scooter? images: Mob-ion, the French Gov’t, via Ride Apart, originally launched as a prototype back in June, the hydrogen-fueled Mob-ion TGT promised more than 150 miles of zero tailpipe emission riding from hydrogen canisters about the size of a reusable water bottle, 

European and Asian scooter riders use their bikes as everyday transport. They depend on them, in other words, to get to work, go to school, and to run errands, and many scooterists in densely populated European cities (like Paris), don’t have access to home garages for overnight charging,

just pick up a filled canister, leave your empty one and off you go! “There is no need to refuel at a charging station,” reads the French government page (through Google’s translator). “Just go to one of the dedicated vending machines. Kind of like going to buy some drink cans.” but I guess in the UK we will stick with E-Scoters, as it happens France has plans to invest more than €7 billion by 2030 to develop more hydrogen solutions like this one, of which € 2 billion will be spent between now and the end of 2022, go green, go clean, go hydrogen!

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